YouTuber MrBeast Shares Weight Loss From Walking 12,500 Steps A Day

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YouTube star MrBeast is taking his fitness journey one step at a time.

The content creator, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, recently showed off his weight loss and revealed that he’s been walking 12,500 steps a day to shed the pounds.

Now, he’s sharing some of his fitness tips and explaining what motivated him to embark on his health journey.

“Me and Eric, another YouTuber, we signed a contract where we’d work out every day, and if we didn’t, we’d get a tattoo of each other,” Donaldson said during a new interview with The Colin and Samir Show on YouTube.

The 25-year-old then noted that he’s been working out regularly for nearly a year.

“You’re OK to have a day off if it’s like an actual part of your program, so I occasionally have rest days, but for the most part, the last 310 days, we’ve worked out every single day, and we’ve held each other accountable, and it’s been awesome,” he said.

Donaldson, who said he often sneaks steps in while he’s taking work calls, described his routine as “time consuming” and added that he dedicates about two hours a day to working out and meal preparation.

Even though his fitness journey leaves him with less time to work on his YouTube channel, Donaldson said he believes it will be well worth it in the end since it’s already shifted his priorities.

“I was just so laser-focused on the channel, and I just realized one day … I have not been working out or taking care of myself or anything,” he said. “Up to this point, I’ve just been losing fat. It’s harder to put on muscle when you’re losing fat. But it’s been fun.”

The content creator also encouraged his followers to take their health seriously.

“All you have to do is work out for three months really consistently, and then it’ll just become part of your lifestyle,” he said. “I couldn’t fathom a year ago, ‘How am I ever going to do this religiously?’ because we just have so much stuff going on, but now it’s just truly a habit.”

After seeing the YouTuber’s before-and-after photos, many of his fans weighed in with notes of congratulations in the comments section.

“I just joined the gym so this is motivation for me!” one wrote.

Another commented, “Yo this is motivation!! I use to walk 5 miles a day ! I gotta get back into it.”

One other Twitter user told Donaldson: “Great work. A physical mirror showing inner transformation.”

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