Woman who was bullied about her size dies after botched weight loss surgery

An overweight woman who was bullied for years about her size has died after botched weight loss surgery in Turkey. Morgan Ribeiro became unwell as she flew home following her op with her partner Jamie Brewster. The 20-year-old’s small intestine had been accidently cut during the gastric sleeve operation which she had paid £2500 for. Tragically Morgan passed away on January 13. Mum Erin Gibson, 44, said: “I never ever want this to happen to another daughter.” It’s believed self-conscious Morgan flew overseas for the weight loss op in the hope of putting an end to the years of bullying she’s faced, reports the Mirror. Posting on social media days before having her gastric sleeve operation, she posted a heartbreaking message. She said: “My last post before weight-loss surgery – see you on the other side.” After the operation on January 5 she fell ill with septic shock on the plane home and the flight had to be diverted to Belgrade in Serbia, where she died on January 13. Her mum Erin Gibson, 44, had no idea 20-year-old Morgan was going to Turkey for surgery. She said: “By the time I found out it was too late, she was already on the plane. I had that sinking feeling because I’d heard horror stories about Turkey. She’s always been a bigger girl and had a really rough time with it. “I told her she was beautiful inside and out – she really was a beautiful girl. She was an artist, outgoing, silly, friendly and loving. I don’t want her life to be in vain.” Join the Daily Record’s WhatsApp community here and get the latest news sent straight to your messages. Morgan had travelled from her home in South London with partner Jamie Brewster, 19, for the £2,500 procedure, not wanting to spend years on an NHS waiting list. It was the doctors in Serbia who told Jamie that Morgan’s small intestine had been cut. They removed 10cm of her small intestine and hoped she would pull through. But on January 9, Morgan suffered a heart attack and she died four days later at 4am. It was the first time she had ever travelled abroad. Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing part of the stomach to leave a sleeve, reducing appetite. In September, Morgan had a virtual consultation with a company that connects prospective weight-loss patients with surgeries abroad. Jamie recalled hospital staff speaking to her about the procedure, but not about the dangers. He said Morgan took doctors’ advice to keep mobile after the operation, but the medical company reportedly said she did not follow advice to walk and stay hydrated. Morgan’s dad Richard said Morgan’s body was back in the UK and a second autopsy may take place on top of the one in Serbia. At least 25 Britons are known to have died following medical procedures in Turkey since January 2019. A government spokesman said: “We urge anyone considering a medical procedure abroad to review our travel advice.” Don’t miss the latest news from around Scotland and beyond – Sign up to our daily newsletter here.

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