Woman Behind Viral Chicken Salad Video Said Google Tried To Buy Her Likeness For $500, Scores Major Deal With Weight Watchers

We have to know our worth because if we let the brands tell it, we will end up selling our souls.

According to Black Enterprise Tanisha Godfrey, the creator and the voice behind the popular “It’s a chicken salad” TikTok video, says she was lowballed in a deal by tech giant Google.

“I’m still learning how to work TikTok. Y’all know I was new to this but I’m not dumb. So when you say you want to buy my sound and you’re offering me $500, it’s a f-cking problem,” Godfrey said, according to AfroTech.

The Cleveland content creator recently signed a deal with Weight Watchers and created “The Nisha Chicken Salad” for the company, a recipe she came up with herself.

Godfrey shared with her followers that she made a nice profit from the partnership with Weight Watchers, who featured Godfrey’s salad in its list of over 12,000 recipes.

In a recent interview with fellow TikTok personality @Bdtrelilbrother, Godfrey discussed how several tech giants came to her with a deal but offered her little.

When the interviewer told Godfrey this is a common occurrence for Black creators on social media, Godfrey revealed which tech giant it was that tried to lowball her.

“It was Google,” Godfrey said.” And they offered me $500. Then, $1,000. Then, $2,000. And I said, ‘Have a good day.’”


Google offered the “it’s a chicken salad” lady just $500 to purchase her sound. It’s crazy how these big corporations offer black creators peanuts but even crazier that some accept it just for a look. Salute to her tho for understanding her worth

— Zigg ♻ (@XaviercMiller) November 29, 2022

The healthy eating influencer added that she hired a publicist, which she credited for affirming that she was worth more.

“I finally found someone who can represent me and make sure I’m not making crazy decisions, lowballing myself, and is actually going to soar my new career!! I’m so excited,” Godfrey wrote in an Instagram post.

Black creators on social media have seen everything from their dances to their commentary stolen and promoted without getting credit for it. The issue got so bad in 2021 that Black creators boycotted TikTok.

Godfrey added in the interview that she wants to be known for more than just the chicken salad video and will create additional content in the future.

Good for her!

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