Weight Loss Experts Say Mike Pompeo is TOTALLY Lying About How He Lost 90 Pounds in 6 Months

For those of us that have a few extra pounds all our lives, those of us who are not “thin” but no one would call “fat,” either – we know what it’s like, to always see yourself as fat, and always be sort of trying to lose weight but going the wrong way.

The reality is that with many people, their weight has near nothing to do with diet or exercise, it’s genetics, and fat-shaming is a shitty thing to do (even with Trump we were careful). And then there are some of us that can lose weight and gain it quite easily if we would just do the right thing.

Mike Pompeo insists that he is “just doing the right thing,” eating a bit healthier and working out in a little basement gym, nothing more, and he’s lost A LOT of weight, 90 lbs in six months.

Not possible says KansasCity.com, at least not according to every expert they consulted:

Mike Pompeo, who represented Kansas in Congress says he lost 90 pounds in six months simply by eating better and hitting a humble home gym for half an hour five or six times a week.

“I’ve done this for 20 years,” and never seen anything like that, said Micah LaCerte, who’s considered Kansas City’s top personal trainer. “He would have to be on a massive starvation diet,” probably taking in no carbs at all. And even then, “no way with only a half-hour workout. Ninety in six is unbelievable, especially for his age, unless he’s working out for hours every day. The numbers just don’t add up. Dude, just be honest. Mike, come on, man.”

Correct. One doesn’t need to be a personal trainer, just a person, and it makes no sense.

While it may be theoretically possible, “it’s just not likely” without surgery, drugs or other extreme measures, says Al Rose, a longtime New York bodybuilder, trainer and coach. Even as a West Point-trained former soldier, Pompeo is “definitely being untruthful” claiming that DIY dietary changes and that amount of exercise alone could bring about such a drastic change in that length of time.

“Time” might be the key to the whole thing here. Mike is a politician and if he has plans on running for the Senate or for President, and believes that thinner, younger-looking people, are more likely to win, then he might not have had time to do it any other way.

The other odd thing here is that the most likely scenario is that Pompeo had the stomach stapling surgery that he should actually be promoting, not hiding. The procedure can be medically indicated (covered by insurance) as needed intervention because that amount of weight loss saves decades in lives.

But Pompeo is a MAGA. Why would he tell a truth that could help people, when he can lie and believe that he is just that much better than everyone else.

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