Visibly Hungover Paul Kent Disgusted By Youthful Polynesians Enjoying The Fruits Of Hard Work And Talent — The Betoota Advocate

This year’s NRL Premiership winners are today under fire for not acting like they actually lost the Grand Final.

The cranky old men at Fox Sports are today blasting the Penrith Panthers for lacking “class and humility” as they squeeze out the last remaining culture wars clickbait from the 2022 season.

Penrith became just the second team in the NRL era to win consecutive titles on Sunday night’s victory over the Parramatta Eels – but their partying has gone “too far”.

That’s according to a visibly hungover Paul Kent, who is actually not qualified to analyse anything but football and football contracts.

However as a FORMER PLAYER HIMSELF, who sat on the bench for Parramatta for one match in 1989 and is unable to hide his bitter biases the day after watching his old club get pumped into a 37 year premiership drought, Kenty has felt the need to comment on what he believes to be bad manners from the winners.

To make matters worse, it’s bad manners from a bunch of youthful Polynesian men who are enjoying the fruits of their hard work and natural talent.

This comes as Jarome Luai is facing a World Cup ban over a social media post, Api Koroisau mocked the club he’s about to join, and James Fisher-Harris told a crowd a of cheering supporters that ‘Parra sucks’ during yesterday’s fan day at Penrith.

The crowd responded with repeated chants of, “We hate Parra”. A video posted on social media showed several Panthers players joining in on the chant.

Paul Kent has declared the Panthers “lacked class” and are acting like teenagers, as he continued to act surprised by the fact that a bunch of ecstatic young blokes would talk so much shit in the middle of a well-deserved premiership winning bender.

“Show some humility and grace towards your opponents” said Kenty, with the crimson red wine stains still glowing on his lips.

“Their behaviour is reminding me of the crushing reality of time. I was once a young man too, you know. And if I had the conviction to not drink alcohol for 30 weeks of the year, as well as the natural talent they have, I would not celebrate the way they are celebrating. I would have celebrated like a good, stoic, AUSTRALIAN and said absolutely NOTHING”

“Isaah Yeo and Dylan Edwards (the only two white men with short back and sides haircuts) are the only ones you’d look at and can say can walk away with some kind of integrity from what they say.

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