Top Meal Prep Tips to Slash Time and Shred Fat — FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Created by Amanda Tress

If your health and fitness goals are important to you, meal planning and prepping are essential skills to have in your personal health and wellness tool kit. A well-thought-out meal plan can help you improve your diet quality or reach a specific health goal while actually SAVING you time and money along the way! 

So, how can you be successful? Use these top meal prep tips to reach your goals without cramping your already jam packed schedule.

Meal plan the week before. Take 10 minutes to write down and plan what you will eat. Our FASTer Way menu in the app makes it easy for you! We have your whole week covered so you can even skip this planning step!.

Make a grocery list. Did you know that the FASTer Way weekly meal guide also comes with a grocery list? Print it and go! Again, major timesaver for you!

Batch cook. Prepare meals in a slow cooker or oven that can be frozen for later. 

Maybe, your go-to protein is chicken. Prepare several chicken breasts that can be stored in a Ziploc bag for either your refrigerator or freezer. Hard boiled eggs are another quick protein that you can prepare ahead of time.

Try cooking a big batch of quinoa or rice and roasting a large tray of vegetables, tofu, or meat at the start of the week to use for salads, stir-fries, scrambles, or grain bowls.

Invest in storage containers – glass, Tupperware, Ziploc bags. This will make organizing and packing easy!

Keep healthy snacks on hand in your fridge or pantry to grab and go – veggies with hummus, fruit, nuts, and beef jerky, for example.

Use spices! They are the key to adding flavor to make your meals enjoyable – pink Himalayan salt, pepper grinder, garlic, etc.

Repurpose your left-overs. If you roast a whole chicken with root vegetables for dinner, shred the leftover chicken and use it for tacos, soup, or as a salad topping for lunch the next day.

Pre-portion your meals. Weighing and measuring your meals into individual containers is an excellent meal prep strategy, especially if you’re trying to track your macros.

If this is new for you, then start small. Cook one or two meals ahead of time until you get into a rhythm. Before you know it, you’ll be completely organized for your week. Your work lunches will be healthful instead of grabbing something that meets your time but doesn’t meet your health goal! 

Meal planning and preparation is KEY to making healthier food choices and saving time and money. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, it will become second nature when you use our tips! Before you know it, you’ll develop a sustainable meal planning habit that aligns with your busy work schedule. 

With the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, we have tools so that you’ll have success in quick, easy, and  simple meal prep! We provide you with a grocery list, meal guide, and recipes so that you can effortlessly plan! We help you slash time while burning fat and enhancing your wellness! And the bonus is that we have an app to track EVERYTHING – macros, intermittent fasting, hydration, workouts, AND MORE. When you utilize the FASTer Way app, you have fat loss at your fingertips! Now you can crush your day and reach your goals! 

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