This May Be The Healthiest Juice You Can Drink Every Day

A juice sold in many supermarkets is chock-full of potent anti-inflammatory natural chemicals that can provide powerful help for better blood sugar control, improved sleep, pain reduction, heart health, and much more.

It’s so good for the body that this drink has become a standard part of the training regimen for many elite athletes because of the way it helps ease muscle soreness to accelerate muscle recovery time.

Let’s take a closer look at tart cherry juice and identify the wealth of health benefits it can give you and your family.

Where does cherry juice come from?

Cherry juice dates back to early Mongolia, where it was consumed fresh or mixed with milk. It was also popular back in Ancient Rome. Today, its most popular form is tart cherry juice which is made by hot-or cold-pressing Montmorency cherries (sour cherries), collecting the juice, filtering it and then pasteurizing it.

If cherries are healthy, then tart cherries are superfoods. That’s because this variety of cherries contains larger levels of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that provide a number of proven health benefits.

What are the health benefits of tart cherry juice?

One of the tart cherry’s most important health benefits is better blood sugar control and a reduced risk of diabetes.

Tests show tart cherry juice is not only a low glycemic food, it can improve the way the body handles sugars and other carbohydrates.

One of the tart cherry’s most important health benefits is better blood sugar control and a reduced risk of diabetes.

Tests show tart cherry juice is not only a low glycemic food, it can improve the way the body handles sugars and other carbohydrates.

A study in England found that tart cherry juice is so effective at keeping blood glucose from climbing too high that it protects the heart against metabolic syndrome. You may recall that metabolic syndrome is a vicious cycle of fat accumulation, weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, high blood sugar, and ultimately, insulin resistance.

This is big news if you ask me.

That’s because, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), at least 33 percent of Americans have metabolic syndrome. As a result, they’re far more vulnerable to Type-2 diabetes.

Of course, along with drinking tart cherry juice, a healthy diet and lifestyle is critical if you want to avoid metabolic syndrome. That includes avoiding ultra-processed foods and getting some exercise.

Boosts heart health

In addition to supporting the cardiovascular system by aiding blood sugar control, tart cherry juice is a great source of potassium. And potassium can help you keep blood pressure levels in a healthy range and reduce your risk of stroke.

Also, tests at the University of Colorado indicate that tart cherry juice can slow down arteriosclerosis. This is the artery damaging process that can block blood flow, increase your risk of heart disease, and bring on a heart attack.

The researchers found that drinking two cups a day of tart cherry juice for 12 weeks can reduce the oxidative products in the body that are involved in hardening of the arteries. Added to this, research at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom has discovered that tart cherry juice can boost heart health by reducing blood pressure.

Two glasses a day of tart cherry juice for 12 weeks also offers brain-boosting benefits.

Sharpens your memory and cognitive function

A study at the University of Delaware shows that a sour cherry juice regimen can improve your mental recall abilities as you get older.

In this research, three months of drinking two cups of the juice each day helped older people aged 65 to 80 enjoy better working memories, longer attention spans, and more reliable spatial memories. The Delaware researchers believe that these brain-boosting effects are linked to tart cherry’s ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress among the brain’s neurons.

Tart cherries fight inflammation

Further research shows even more health benefits of cherries, especially tart cherry juice. It can:

  • Help protect you against the dangers of air pollution: A study in Asia demonstrates that the vitamins, such as vitamin C, and the unique phytochemicals in tart cherry juice can keep mitochondria (organelles that pump out cellular energy) from being damaged by the tiny particles of pollution we often encounter. This is the kind of damage that can cause cancer cell growth in otherwise healthy adults.
  • Reduce muscle soreness: A review study at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York shows that when you drink tart cherry juice everyday it can help lower the muscle pain you develop after exercise. These researchers believe you get the best results by drinking the juice regularly – that merely drinking the juice after you work out is less effective.
  • Improve sleep: Tests at the University of Rochester in New York indicate that this juice can improve sleep quality in older and elderly adults. In this research, people aged 65 and older drank two glasses of tart cherry juice in the morning and one in the evening. As a result, they fell asleep faster and were less likely to wake up during the night and have problems going back to sleep. Researchers believe this might be because tart cherries increase your body’s production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  • Ease chronic pain: An analysis of tart cherry’s effects on pain conducted at the Oregon Health and Science University found that the juice’s anti-inflammatory compounds can help relieve chronic discomforts caused by arthritis and other conditions, such as gout attacks. With gout in particular, cherry juice can lower uric acid levels in the body which can trigger an attack.

My takeaway

My take on this is that more people should add fresh cherries to their diet during cherry season and otherwise, drink tart cherry juice. It’s a safe and easy way to relieve all sorts of health problems– like pain from chronic inflammatory diseases associated with aging– that conventional medicine has a hard time alleviating.

The juice is widely available and its potential side effects are practically nil – especially compared with the dangerous side effects that often occur with taking pharmaceutical painkillers. And unlike painkillers, eating cherries offers many health benefits.

Increasing your tart cherry consumption

When drinking cherry juice, choose a brand that has no added sugar. You can also find supplements with tart cherry extract if you want to avoid even the natural sugars found in cherry juice. Dried cherries are also an option, but dried fruit sometimes contains preservative chemicals as well as has a higher sugar content.

And remember, cherries are the first stone fruit to make an appearance in springtime and stone fruits are a natural laxative. In other words, don’t consume too many cherry products unless you’re constipated.

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