‘They don’t even have a salad bowl’: Rachel Johnson savaged over Number 10 flat refurb claims

Rachel Johnson has been savaged over claims that her brother Boris and his wife Carrie have never splashed out on having their Downing Street flat refurbished.

An invoice leaked this weekend appears to show the couple spent more than £200,000 on getting their apartment decked out.

According to the Independent, items on the list include a £7,000 rug and 10 rolls of wallpaper costing £225 each.

The bill also listed a £3,675 drinks trolley, two sofas worth more than £15,000, and dining chairs costing £11,200, with the cheapest item – a kitchen table cloth – priced at £500.

Broaching the subject on her LBC show, Rachel Johnson described the claims as “absolute BS”.

“I have been in that flat and I can promise you it is not five star sumptuous”, she said.

“In fact Boris and Carrie don’t even have a salad bowl.

“The whole thing has been cooked up and I do not understand it.

“I can’t even begin to understand it and we don’t even talk about it, it’s all so bonkers.”

But her claims were ruthlessly savaged on social media.

Here’s what people had to say:

Neither would I if was eating the average salary’s worth of takeaway https://t.co/Tu5ha0l5NI

— James Felton (@JimMFelton) July 10, 2022

Bloody donors not including a complimentary salad bowl in the takeaways. If Gu puds can give free rammekins you’d think 27k worth of takeaway would include a salad bowl. I’d complain to the donors for inflicting such crap on the PM

— BH Apollo the Cat owner (@GreenBagOG) July 10, 2022

Rachel Johnson on LBC just now.
I’ve been to Boris flat, it’s not luxurious
It hasn’t even got a salad bowl
Is she taking the piss.

— Meish .. #FBPE..#RejoinEU.💛💙 (@Meish52) July 10, 2022

The salad bowl line is delivered as though Rachel Johnson is breaking some heartbreaking news. The tone usually saved for a charity advert at Christmas. https://t.co/1JlKoVgLBG

— Harry Taylor (@HarryTaylr) July 10, 2022

Rachel Johnson “I remember that day when Boris had to put all the salad in cups instead of salad bowls” pic.twitter.com/pzrmIQvL50

— GDM (@my2pencehworth) July 10, 2022

Could have lots of salad bowls for a £7000 rug

— KateMcLaren 💙💉💉💉 johnson out (@KateMcLaren2) July 11, 2022

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