This is my full review of Beta Switch Weight Loss Program – including a video review, where I show you inside the member’s area so you see exactly what you get if you decide to join, and a full written review looking at the pros and cons of this program.

First, My Beta Switch Video Review



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The Beta Switch

Now, My Beta Switch Written Review

So, what exactly is The Beta Switch? It is a weight loss and fitness program that’s sold online and it has become extremely popular with thousands of satisfied customers. While it may look fresh on the market, it’s actually a tried and tested product that got a new look.

It used to be called the “Female Fat Free Solution”. This was a weight loss/cellulite reduction program that was improved, revamped and re-named. So now, it’s called The Beta Switch and is an online bestseller.

Created by Sue Heintze, who is an Australian fitness champion, this product is highly credible. Even at the age of 40, Sue has won many fitness competitions and has beaten contestants way younger than her. She has been featured on publications such as Shape, Women’s Health, Fitness Magazine and Oxygen.

Just by looking at her on the cover, you can tell that she’s fit, strong and knows exactly what it takes to be lean and toned. This is very important because you do not want untested theory that will end up wasting your time and discouraging you.

Weight loss for women requires a different approach because women generally, have less muscle mass and they tend to struggle more to achieve the same results that a man would get. This is due to hormones and body composition.

That’s why this program is so effective. Sue has created a weight loss program designed for women. She understands the physiology and knows what a woman needs to do in order to shed the stubborn pounds fast.

The Good Points:

1) This is a step-by-step system that will guide you every step of the way. The program is all about simplicity and you can follow through with ease. You will not need to deal with fitness terminology, etc.

2) The author is a fitness champion. This is real world information that works. All you need to do is follow what Sue says to the letter.

3) It is an all-rounded program that deals with your diet, weight loss, reducing cellulite and making you fitter and healthier. Sue’s approach to fitness is very practical. You will not need a gym membership or expensive supplements. So, if you’re shy or on a budget, this will still help you lose weight.

4) You get a very comprehensive program with several components in the package, including: The BetaSwitch Main Manual, Exercise Execution Guide, Success Tracker, Workout Tracker Sheet, Diet Tracker Sheets, Supplement Guide, Real Life Stories To Motivate You, Pre-Program Checklist, Quick Start Guide and an Exercise Library.

You can see all that you get in my Beta Switch video walkthrough above – if you haven’t watched it, take a minute to watch it now. There is a LOT of material here, this is over delivery on a grand scale.

5) The program is tailored for women. You’re shown how to target your problem areas, how to boost your metabolism, etc. You even get video training for the exercises that are highly suitable for women to tone their thighs, butt, etc.

6) The BetaSwitch has a 60 day money back guarantee. Sue has so much faith in her product that she’s willing to assume all the risk

7) Since this is an online download, you can access the product immediately and get started on your weight loss program right now.

The Bad Points:

1) The flip side to this being immediately accessible is the fact that you need an internet connection to download this digital product.

2) This is a 12 week program. You’ll be required you to follow it and put in the necessary work. This is a solid weight loss system but it needs your effort for you to see results. But you have to be realistic here… any weight loss program that promises results without any effort is a scam. The best programs make it as sustainable and as easy as possible – but losing weight requires effort.

And the good news is that you’re told exactly what to do and you will be following a proven and effective plan.

Should You Get It?

If Sue’s fit and attractive body isn’t enough to convince you that her system works, then you should take into account that this is a weight loss program created for women.

If you follow weight loss guides written for men, you will end up exerting yourself and doing more than you need to. You’ll end up dreading exercise because it will be a dreadful chore and you won’t even be getting the results you want.

Are you a woman? Are you trying to lose weight? Do you want an easy to follow system that you can follow without over-thinking things?

If the answer is yes to these questions, then the answer is yes again – “Yes! You should get The Beta Switch.”

The product has a 60-day money back guarantee. That’s more than 8 weeks to try it out. You can DEFINITELY see highly visible results in 8 weeks… and if you don’t, you can always ask for a refund. It doesn’t get better.

Do give this program a try, and apply it. Application is everything. If you do it right, you will be amazed at how your body transforms. Everyone will be just as amazed as you… and this is what makes this program worth every cent.

If you’re serious about losing weight, then do check this out

The Beta Switch