Body of work: why Billie Eilish is right to stand her ground against shaming

Billie Eilish has actually done whatever right in her profession up until now, however thats insufficient for a celeb market focused on sex copper-bottomed streaming success design . A has actually knocked using her image to pity female pop stars who dress in a different way. Not that it’s stopped anybody. Rejecting viewers the conventional […]

Joy of pecs: Jessica Fostekew, the weightlifting comic shredding body fascism

When her fitness instructor called muscly ladies unfeminine, the standup turned her outrage into an amusing program filled with sweat, barbells, chalk and giving birth J essica Fostekew felt anxious the other day, extremely anxious. She went to raise some weights. “I was at peak fear,” she states. “So I resembled, ‘Just do 20 minutes.’ […]

What a waist: why the corset has made a regrettable return

On the red carpet, on Instagram, even in Mothercare bodices are all over. What lags the troubling pattern for waist training? W hat could be more satisfying after delivering than slipping into some high heels and squeezing your postpartum body into a bodice? Recently, Mothercare was implicated of catering the pressure on brand-new moms to […]

Jameela Jamil: ‘I won’t become a double agent for the patriarchy’

The former presenter turned The Good Place star on why she refuses to stay silent about the aftermath of #MeToo, unhealthy body ideals and the tabloid media When British celebrities make it big in the US, they go through a by now familiar process of becoming Hollywoodified: they get thinner, more groomed, less fun, all […]

‘We are who we are’: what these 100-year-old women teach us about beauty

A glimpse into the lives and rituals of centenarian women, whose beauty is rarely acknowledged This piece was part of the GroundTruth Project series Emerging Photographers. When I started shooting this story, I wished to talk about elderly womens conditions in general, but I had no clear idea about what angle I was going to […]