Insatiable: how offensive is Netflix’s controversial new comedy?

The story of a lady who reduces weight and retaliates on her bullies has actually currently motivated an online petition for fat-shaming O ne of the repeating images on Netflix’s brand-new program, Insatiable, is that of the program’s heroine, Patty, played by Debby Ryan, stuffing on food. “While my schoolmates were out losing their virginity,” […]

Killer looks: how Dietland confronts the violence of beauty culture

Based on the hit book by Sarai Walker, the brand-new series takes on the severe expectations put on females with rage, vengeance and eventually murder I n among the saddest minutes of the brand-new black funny series Dietland, the program’s heroine, Plum Kettle, adoringly embellishes a cake and bakes. She sings passionately, totally immersed in […]