Whats causing women to join the NoFap movement?

A Reddit online forum devoted to avoiding masturbation has more than 450,000 members and about 5% of them are female F# SEEEE rom a bright sitting space, 26-year-old she discusses . “I believe I [now] look much better and I believe more favorably … I’ve been informed just how much more appealing I’ve got.” Later […]

I wanted a truncheon in my pants: the rise of the penis extension

More and more men are opting for surgical penis enlargement. Is it a confidence boost, or a con? It has been more than a year since the operation, but Alistair is still furious about the results. I paid 8,000 and they mutilated me, he says. It was butchery. My partner said it looked like a […]

Mindful sex: could it put an end to unhappiness in bed?

Mindfulness has actually been utilized to deal with anxiety and motivate healthy consuming. Now, with substantial varieties of ladies and guys reporting sexual discontentment, it is being used to our relationships S o there you are, in bed with your partner, having completely enjoyable if functional sex, when your mind begins to roam: exactly what […]