A Brief History of Instagrams Trouble With Weight-Loss Tea

Do you desire a lithe, toned body that definitely does not take numerous photo-editing apps to accomplish? Do you wish to be an individual whose hair and makeup look red-carpet-ready right away after leaving the health club? Do you wish to consume just photogenic healthy smoothie bowls and be absolutely unfazed by the reality that […]

Putting a Price on Prince Harry and Meghan Markles #Influence

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle revealed their departure from the royal household recently, the news came not from a royal news release nor from the British press, $30 million .)The web started to hypothesize on their next relocation: Acting? Equity capital? A pivot to United States politics ? Or, to take a hint from […]

Inside the Weird, and Booming, Industry of Online Influence

In the previous 10 years, “ sponcon, ” business of earning money to promote a business by means of your social networks , has actually spread out pandemic-like. Sponsored material might be obnoxious (and even ethically doubtful sometimes), however it'&#x 27; s plenty legal — as long as influencers police to the truth that they'&#x […]

Is a Meme Born in a Private Account Still a Meme?

I compose a lot about memes– the phenomenon , writ big . It captured me off guard last week when, scrolling through Instagram, I discovered myself disallowed from the very thing I was reporting on. Significant meme accounts were all of a sudden personal, and left my follow demands hanging– for days and days. I […]