It takes a thick skin to rock a bald head: meet the women embracing hair loss

Society frequently associates womanhood with long, streaming locks however a growing variety of ladies are selecting to commemorate their baldness B arbara Williams didn’t get wed simply to alter her name– obviously not. The chance to have a brand-new surname was definitely an appealing proposal. Williams has actually had trichotillomania, a condition that triggers her […]

Am I happier because I’m thinner, or thinner because I’m happier?

Looking in the mirror, I rejoice with my brand-new body shape. Thats not what body positivity taught me to do T he very first time I felt body ecstasy was in an Old Navy dressing space. The flooring was sticky with mysterious client gunk, a young child was sobbing in the next stall and I […]

What a waist: why the corset has made a regrettable return

On the red carpet, on Instagram, even in Mothercare bodices are all over. What lags the troubling pattern for waist training? W hat could be more satisfying after delivering than slipping into some high heels and squeezing your postpartum body into a bodice? Recently, Mothercare was implicated of catering the pressure on brand-new moms to […]

‘We are who we are’: what these 100-year-old women teach us about beauty

A glimpse into the lives and rituals of centenarian women, whose beauty is rarely acknowledged This piece was part of the GroundTruth Project series Emerging Photographers. When I started shooting this story, I wished to talk about elderly womens conditions in general, but I had no clear idea about what angle I was going to […]