3 plus-size women redid this infamous 2015 ad. And they look fantastic.

Remember this ad? Image via Graham C99/Flickr. Unfortunately, lots of people do. The ad for Protein World — featuring a slim, bikini-clad model in a heavily edited photo — was plastered across billboards and entire subway cars in New York City and London in 2015. Its message was embarrassingly clear: If you’re body doesn’t look […]

Queer Eye Jonathans before-and-after pic isnt about the before or the after.

Can you believe there are people who still haven’t watched the new “Queer Eye” reboot on Netflix? Image via “Queer Eye.” If that’s you, you need to get on it! The new series is fun. It’s optimistic. It’s bridging the gap between liberals and conservatives (believe it or not). And it has a whole lot […]

I’m fat. I’m choosing to stay fat. Here’s why.

I’m fat. The sort of fat I am depends upon exactly what side of fat you’re taking a look at me from. I most likely appear extremely fat if you’re a thin individual. I may appear typical to you if you’re a really fat individual. To me, I am fat. . .