19 Feuds that Prove No One Does Drama Better than Celebrities

Don’t you just hate drama? It’s so exhausting. There are just so many things you have to deal with. Making the popcorn. Buttering the popcorn. Finding a good seat. But we do what have to do. Advertisement Nobody does drama better than celebrities. Getty Images So while we know it’s a lot of work, it’s […]

39 Self-Proclaimed Ugly Ducklings Who Had a Total Glow Up

Some people are attractive for their entire lives. For others, it may take a little bit of time and work. Advertisement But when the transformation finally occurs — Wowza! These pictures were taken four years apart. via: Reddit She grew her hair out, got braces, and, in her own words, “bit by bit I started […]

20 Ways to Make Yourself Instantly More Attractive

Want to look excellent to the item of your love? Odor great. Aroma is whatever, especially due to the fact that it signifies compatibility. No, seriously. It’s clinically shown that individuals we believe odor excellent are the most suitable to us . Advertisement Your mommy constantly alerted you about slumping over. Turns out she was. […]