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Stepehen A. Smith was on some podcast with Jake Paul.

The question was asked if he tosses salad which he said he didn’t have to do that.

When asked if he had his salad tossed that is when he said that was private.

You know what that means.

If you don’t. Here is how the Urban Dictionary describes it.

A slang-term indicating the use of one’s tongue and lips to lick, suck, and penetrate one’s anus for the purposes of s*xual stimulation: The term originated in prisons during the late 1970’s or early 1980’s and was derived from the fact that salad dressing was often used to help suppress the taste. Other condiments such as grape-jelly, maple-syrup, and ketchup have also been used for this purpose as well.

The expression became famous due to the statements of a prison inmate in an HBO special titled: “Prisoners of the War on Drugs”, and a joke by Chris Rock based on the HBO special.

First of all, right, if hes a new comer, right, I want him to suck my a** with jelly, what they call “tossing the salad” — thats the slang word: “tossing salad” — it means sucking my a**, right, with jelly or without jelly. Some people use syrup, I prefer for the guy to use jelly, right. I will reach my climate, right, I will automatically get hard right. I will, you know, come automatically if hes sucking my a** for about ten minutes or longer. Its a sensation/feeling and it makes you feel real good. Most all g*ys do that, you know what Im saying? Like guys to suck their a**. Its just like a p*ssy, right, but the only different is its not a p*ssy, right. It’s clean, the person is decent, and the person knows that thats a a**hole but in they mind they’re lookin’ at it like a p*ssy because hes in prison. So, toss my salad, and let him eat me, you know, and we straight. Thats it.

That’s it.

Flip the page for Stephen A. Smith speaking on this and some of the Twitter reactions.

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