Scott Disick Out to Dinner in L.A. After Noticeable Weight Loss

Scott Disick Out to Dinner in L.A. After Noticeable Weight Loss Scott Disick Grabbing A Bite To Eat in L.A. … Amid Visible Weight Loss 3/17/2024 11:01 AM PT Scott Disick stepped out for a hearty meal with some close companions … hitting up a popular L.A. hotspot alongside friends — and it seems he’s lost lots of weight. The reality star and Kardashian ex hit up Catch Steak in Los Angeles Friday, and just check out the pics … looks like a pretty deep crew chowed down with the father-of-three. It also seems Scott’s lost a bit of weight — more on that later — as he cruised down the street with his homie Jordan Barrett … a pretty famous fashion model and real good-lookin’ dude. He was also seated next to a mystery woman … no idea if there’s anything going on between the two, but Scott’s a pretty eligible bachelor, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Now as for the weight loss … it seems clear Scott’s a good deal skinnier than he’s been in the past. He is wearing some baggy clothes, so it could easily be overblown by the wardrobe, but it’s still evident. We know Scott’s been focused on his weight in recent months … a topic broached during the most recent season of “The Kardashians.” Remember … Khloé Kardashian took him to a doctor to talk about his back injury — one he says he sustained during a pretty nasty car crash back in 2022. He told the doc the crash led to him gaining some weight and also diminished his sexual prowess. Unclear exactly what’s motivated the weight loss … but Scott seemed to be enjoying himself Friday night — so all seems relatively normal with him. As for whether his sex game’s 100% … we may have to wait on another episode of “The Kardashians” to get an answer.

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