Nations Dads Celebrate As Salad Crisis Inspires Return Of A Weekly Family Potato Bake — The Betoota Advocate


Dad’s around the nation are rejoicing this week, as the fresh food crisis inspires the return of a family favourite.

After years of being served various forms of salad including Greek, Caesar and the often panned ‘Garden’ variety, Australia’s fathers are reportedly loving the return of potato bakes on the weeknight dinner schedule.

A cuisine constructed by the layering of sliced potato in between buckets of full fat cream, cheddar cheese and diced bacon, the Australian delicacy is believed to be making a record comeback this winter due to the soaring cost of any vegetable that actually has some nutrients in its leaves.

Speaking to one Betoota father of four, Graham Anton, the prominent local Dad said he’s been extra keen to get home for dinner this week.  

“Ever since a health scare back in 2019, my loving wife Julie has been restricting me to a steak the size of a deck of cards and a side salad, or ‘Rabbit food’ as I like to call it.”

“But now that an iceberg lettuce costs more than a Tomahawk steak, I’ve been getting two or three potato bakes a week!”

However it’s believed not all Australians are excited by the comeback, after a statement was released this week from Dieticians Australia who have recommended a single scoop per meal as a serving suggestion, after likening the bake to having similar nutritional qualities of Canadian poutine.

“As the leading voice in nutrition and dietetics in Australia, we understand it’s our duty to warn Australians about the effects of a weekly serving of potato bake, and also recommend the addition of zucchini slices or broccoli to make the dish more healthy…”

The statement has been rejected by Father’s across the nation and has been referred to the Australian Communications and Media Authority for investigation under the accusation of misinformation.

More to come.

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