My simple 4 INGREDIENT weight loss food prep (that helped me lose 40lbs)

I have lost 40lbs. One of the things that has helped me on my vegan weight loss journey is always being prepared. Today’s video I show you my simple 4 ingredient food prep that I do with my starches when I just don’t have the time to do it all. One of the things I have learned on my weight loss journey is that any effort is better than none. I don’t have to be perfect to get results and neither do you. I wanted to show you that even if you don’t have a lot of time (like me) then it is still possible to set yourself up for a successful week by doing a mini food prep like me!

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Here are my homemade vegan protein shakes I drank every day to lose 25lbs:

Here is my video explaining how ” I messed up”

Here is my most recent video where I talk about “why I broke the rules” (and my thoughts on calorie counting, etc)

Here is the truth about my weight loss journey:

Here is exactly what I did to lose the weight:

Here are all the things I tried before to lose weight and it DIDN’T work! :

Here is my vulnerable weight loss story as well as my most current update:

Here are my homemade vegan protein shakes I drank every day to lose 25lbs:

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