Meghan Markle baffles fans with ‘word salad’ name of new brand

Meghan Markle baffles fans with ‘word salad’ name of new brand ‘American Riviera Orchard’ which is inspired by her Montecito home The name is thought to refer to the town where Meghan and Harry live READ MORE: Meghan Markle’s new business American Riviera Orchard uses a royal crest and the Duchess’s calligraphy to promote the Montecito-based brand The Duchess of Sussex has confused fans with the name of her new lifestyle brand – American Riviera Orchard. Meghan, 42, announced her new business on Instagram yesterday with a glossy clip plus a few little hints of what the venture may entail. The launch of her Montecito-based brand has come with substantial speculation about what the venture might be and what the name means. An insider told the Daily Mail that Meghan’s new business will be a ‘lifestyle and cooking brand’ centred around her passions. And while it seems likely that the brand is focused on lifestyle entertainment, the name – American Riviera Orchard – is still hotly contested online. However, the moniker holds personal significance to the Duchess. Royal watchers have branded the brand ‘word salad’ and said it’s ‘not the snappiest name’. Meghan Markle has baffled fans with the name of her surprise new venture – American Riviera Orchard Montecito, the area of California where Meghan and Prince Harry, 39, reside, is often referred to as the American Riviera. The Californian town is associated with the northern Mediterranean Sea Coast, known as the Riviera, due to its geography and climate. While that accounts for part of the name, the meaning behind ‘orchard’ is yet to be disclosed. Despite the partial justification, fans remain baffled as to why Meghan would make American Riviera Orchard her brand name. People took to X to express their confusion. One said: ‘ABC News: Meghan Markle launches American Riviera Orchard. What kind of word salad name is that?’ A second added: ‘I don’t understand the name American Riviera Orchard?’ ‘Wishing Meghan all the luck but American Riviera Orchard sounds like a dog’s name at Crufts,’ said a third. A fourth chimed in and wrote: ‘American Riviera Orchard. Not the world’s snappiest brand name, is it?’ Another questioned: ‘She called it American Riviera Orchard? What on earth does that mean? Is she selling apples now?’ It is thought that the name refers to the Californian town where Harry and Meghan reside, Montecito Users took to X to comment on the name American Riviera Orchard, and many were confused about its meaning ‘I’ve been calling for Meghan to get back to influencing for years but could she have picked a worse name than American Riviera Orchard, said a sixth. Another agreed and said: ‘I’m sorry but American Riviera Orchard is the clunkiest brand name I’ve heard in a long time. All nine syllables just roll off the tongue.’ The Duchess of Sussex’s new project is said to have been in the works for more than a year – and will feature ‘all the things that are close to her heart’. The flash company is set to coincide with the launch of a new cookery show featuring Meghan on Netflix – where she will be making and selling her own products. It will lead onto a book and blog to go alongside her cookery displays. It is understood that a trademark application has been made covering cutlery – knives forks spoons – cookbooks and electronic cookbooks, coffee, jams jellies and butters. It also extends to a physical shop from which tableware, mugs, jams, tablecloths and recipe books could be sold. Meghan’s new project is said to have been in the works for more than a year – and feature ‘all the things that are close to her heart’ The brand is set to work as an extension of her former lifestyle blog The Tig, an insider told Page Six Style In the new video, Meghan is seen whisking in a stunning rustic kitchen, while a woman’s hands are seen arranging pink and white flowers. The announcement comes on the same night as Prince Harry and Prince William are set to make a rare joint appearance at the Diana Legacy Award event at the Science Museum in London – but neither will be in the room at the same time, even virtually. And it follows a trying week for the Royals – after Princess Kate was forced to admit to editing a photo of her and her children that she released on Mother’s Day after the world’s top picture and news agencies – including PA – ‘killed’ the image over claims it had been digitally manipulated. An insider told the Daily Mail: ‘It’s a lifestyle and cooking brand called American Riviera Orchard. The video starts with a washed-out video of a woman arranging white and pink pastel flowers It then fades to reveal Meghan cooking in a stunning kitchen, with copper pans hanging over her head as she whisks ‘The brand is meant to coincide with the launch of a new cookery show for Netflix. Meghan will be making, and selling, products such as jams. ‘And at some point there will be a book and blog etc.’ The brand will focus on home, garden, food and general lifestyle wares. The plush video comes alongside a series of nine cryptic Instagram posts, making up the logo of the brand alongside the name: ‘American Riviera Orchard Montecito’. Comments have been disabled on the Instagram posts and the page links to a new website of the same name where people can enter their email address and ‘join the waitlist’. Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam told MailOnline: ‘The Sussexes in my opinion do nothing by accident and timing is often absolutely pivotal. We found that out one way over the weekend and we’ve now just been reminded that there may be more shots in their locker than some of us thought. And it’s no accident. ‘For years they’ve been unpredictable but they have been predictable in one sense, and that is the unerring timing when they believe it’s beneficial to get information out. They don’t do anything by accident.’ The announcement comes just hours before William is expected to give a speech in person to mark the Diana Legacy Award’s 25th anniversary and present awards to 20 recipients tonight. The Prince of Wales will appear at the awards event alone as his wife Kate is still recovering from abdominal surgery. Harry, who lives in California, will then join a video call with the winners, according to reports. However, his involvement will only take place after his brother has left the ceremony.

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