McDonald’s Australia TikTok customer’s ‘disappointing’ find after ordering $11 ‘vegetarian’ salad | 7NEWS

A late-night craving has left a McDonald’s customer baffled at what she received.

The Australian woman posted a video on TikTok claiming she paid $11 for a “vegetarian” salad from a NSW Maccas drive-thru, initially getting a bit less than she bargained for.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: McDonald’s customer’s underwhelming ‘vegetarian’ salad costing $11.

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“I know that I should never have high expectations of McDonald’s … as a vegetarian,” she said.

“But it’s late at night, I’m craving a salad, which is a weird thing because I don’t normally eat salad at all.

“So I’m not gonna go to the shops to spend all this money on a bunch of ingredients to make one salad and then waste all of it. So I got McDonald’s.”

The woman ordered a Crispy Chicken Ceasar Salad – with no chicken and no bacon.

“This is what I got,” she said, as she showed a box of iceberg lettuce and “a teaspoon of Parmesan cheese on it”.

“I think it cost me $11,” she said.

“No dressing, nothing. Just lettuce and bare minimum of cheese, which most of it went on my shirt when I opened the box anyway.”

The woman went inside the store to ask about the dressing and croutons.

“And they’re like, ‘We’re out of croutons at the moment’. I’m like… ‘Ok, are you out of dressing?’”

The employee then gave her some dressing, in a container with a babyccino lid.

“So, uh, that immediately spilled when I went around a corner in my car. That is now all over my car floor.”

It was not the experience she was hoping for – but where the salad may not have lived up to her expectations, she had some praise for the McDonald’s outlet.

“However, they are very, very kind and generous,” the woman said.

“I got this adorable tiny little McNugget box – but they’re not McNuggets, they’re McMatoes!

“So maybe it’s ok… is it?” has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

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