ITV Good Morning Britain viewers say ‘wow’ a Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock appears on the show after huge weight loss – Manchester Evening News

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock has wowed Good Morning Britain viewers with his latest appearance on the show. It comes after the former footballer revealed that he had undergone an amazing weight loss transformation after ‘years of struggling.’

The former Liverpools star revealed over the weekend that he has lost a total of seven stone after admitting his weight got as high as 27 stone during lockdown and said he was just ‘getting bigger and bigger.’

Razor has shed his weight after having a gastric sleeve fittedafter being inspired by former The Only Way is Essex star James ‘Arg’ Argent. Speaking on GMB on Wednesday (March 8), Neil, who appeared via video link, said: “I found out I had a bad heart, now I’ve got a pacemaker, so I was looking to get myself fit, or fitter and lose weight.

“Then COVID hit and I became a lazy sloth sat on my armchair eating and drinking…. I always had the excuse to eat and drink, it snowballed from there and I couldn’t get myself out of it. Then I bumped into Arg, a beautiful man, at a charity football game and he told me his story and that was it.”

Opening up about his emotional eaing during the pandemic, Razor went on: “I always name it Bad, sad, glad mad syndrome. If I was sad I’d eat and drink. If was glad I’d eat and drink. If I was bad I’d eat and drink. Every sort of situation I’d find myself in I’d eat and drink.”

Ex-TOWIE star Arg, 35, has dropped from 27 stone himself to 13 stone in just one year after having surgery to fit a gastric sleeve. And Razor revealed how he hopes to lose as much weight as the reality TV star.

Razor said: “I’m not at my finish line yet, I’m still losing weight, hopefully I’ll catch Arg up. He’s like a racing snake, he looks unbelievable.” The retired sportsman’s body overhaul comes after he was diagnosed with a heart condition after undergoing a medical check for ITV sports show Harry’s Heroes with Harry Redknapp.

Medical examiners found his resting heart rate to be 130 beats per minute. A normal resting heart rate for an adult is between 60-100 bpm.”

And GMB viewers were taking to social media to comment. @Elizabeth241072 tweeted: “Wow – Neil Ruddock! #gmb.” @Itt39354118 posted: “How well does ruddick look jesus #gmb.” @FoodFanaticJax said: “Neil Ruddock looking [flame emojis]. Well done #gmb.” @iamicaniwill added: “Well done to Arg and Neil Ruddock. Amazing health transformations. What I must point out however, is that a #gastricband is NOT an easy option for anyone who thinks it is #GMB.”

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