‘I couldn’t go on living like that’: WBTV reporter shares his personal weight-loss journey

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) – Whether you’re new to Charlotte or have been watching WBTV for years, there’s been a presence on our news team that has remained the same.

Our reporter Ron Lee has been telling stories spanning from Charlotte to the mountains for more than two decades. Now though, we’re changing it up a bit. Ron has his own story to share.

For the past 24 years, Ron has brought you stories from the field to your living room.

He has an instinct for journalism, an ability to tell people’s struggles often through their eyes.

Over the past few months, Ron has done what he’s meant to do…tell stories. During that time, you may have noticed a change.

Ron has been on a journey to live a healthier life.

“There was one picture. And I refer to it as the picture that really changed my mind,” he said. “I was up in the Hickory area, doing a story and ran into a friend that used to work here [at WBTV].”

“She wanted to take a picture of us because we haven’t seen each other a long time. And she posted it and tagged me in it. And I was horrified. I was just my jaw hit the ground. I couldn’t believe how big I was. And at that point, I’m like something has to be done.”

It was at that point that Ron realized he was in a race against time.

“That really was a kick in the tail for me to make me make a change in my life because I couldn’t go on living like that, literally could not go on living like that. I was going to die.”

Afterward, he made a decision a life-saving decision to improve his health. The decision wasn’t only for himself, but also for the people in his life.

“I did this all for my family,” he said. “I’ve always been close to my family, my wife, my parents, my brothers. I did this for them, that I could be around for 14 more years to bug them a little bit.”

Since then, he has undergone weight-loss surgery, has seen a plethora of doctors and specialists, and has had to completely change the way he eats and takes care of his body.

And while the progress so far has been phenomenal, Ron said there’s still work to be done.

To hear more about his journey, be sure to listen to our full conversation in the video above.

This content was originally published here.

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