Gut Microbiome Session 1: Prebiotics, Probiotics, Cholesterol, Weight Loss, and Fermented Foods

What is the link between Gut Health and Cholesterol, Weight loss, Fibre, and Fermented foods? Join Graham Mackenzie PH.C and Lindsay Dixon BSc.Phm RPh as they explain these concepts and listen in for the Q&A to follow.

00:00 Friendly Pharmacy 5 Book Club
01:46 Fun Facts about the Microbiome and Gut Health
06:00 Eat or be eaten presentation on Gut Health
07:27 Role and Composition of the Human Microbiome
09:43 The Ever-Changing Microbiome
11:05 Gut Health as New Science
12:00 Defining Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics, Synbiotics
15:24 Dysbiosis defined
16:01 Location of Gut Microbes
18:02 Fibre vs Non-fibre prebiotics
20:43 Prebiotics as fuel for the microbiome
22:24 Benefits of Prebiotics and Short Chain Fatty Acids
23:34 Implications associated with a starving microbiome
26:42 Diet for a healthy microbiome composition and function
29:31 How to find prebiotics in food preparations
30:00 Fermented foods defined
32:20 Fermented foods: Possible benefits
33:05 Importance of gradual change versus dramatic dietary changes
37:18 Graham Mackenzie: Probiotics, Gut Health, Cholesterol, Weight Management
38:13 Medications and Possible Gut Health Harms
43:30 Proton Pump Inhibitors and Gut Health
44:23 Metformin and Gut Health
45:28 PEG and Gut Health
47:14 Cholesterol and Probiotics
52:20 Effects of probiotics on lipid concentrations
53:30 Probiotics and CVD outcomes in Obesity
56:13 Probiotics and weight loss
01:06:00 Gut Health Q&A
01:14:24 Upcoming Gut Health sessions
01:20:15 Session 3 Speaker and Topic

Author Graham Mackenzie: Graham graduated from Dalhousie University College of Pharmacy in 1993 after obtaining his Chemistry degree from St. F.X. University. He has worked as at the same pharmacy in Baddeck, Nova Scotia ever since and recently sold the pharmacy after owning it for over 20 years. During that time he initiated and developed a thriving compounding lab in the pharmacy. He is the author of Healthy Logic and Gut Logic and a member of the Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists and the Nova Scotia Pharmacy Association. He is a frequent guest on CBC radio iMaritime Noon in Halifax and has a passion for pharmacy education in both the public and health community.

Graham has a keen interest in pharmacists’ involvement in scientific studies. Most recently he spear headed and co-authored a published study on the permeation through the skin of active pharmaceutical ingredients for pain relief in various transdermal bases. Previous to that he co-authored a study on the withdrawal of sugar sweetened beverages from his pharmacy in Baddeck, NS. and the impact it had on the community’s purchasing of these beverages afterward.

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Lindsay Dixon is a registered Pharmacist residing in Canada. She obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in Brazil where she specialized in the area of Pharmacotherapy. With over 13 years of experience working in community pharmacy and in community pharmacy management, her passion lies in the areas of preventative medicine, patient-centred care, and public health education.
In addition to being a licensed Pharmacist in the province of British Columbia, Lindsay is also certified Palliative Care through the University of Victoria and became certified in Migraine Care through Migraine Canada in 2023.

Lindsay was the recipient of the Ben Gant Practice Innovation award from the BC Pharmacy Association in 2021 and was most recently selected by Pharmacy Practice & Business Magazine as the recipient of the Raise Your Voice Award in 2022.

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