Easy Boost Organic Nutrition for Cannabis

In this video, you will learn how to use Easy Boost Organic Nutrition with your cannabis plants. You will see how and when to mix it with your soil to provide your plants with enough nutrients for its whole life cycle.

Easy Boost Organic Nutrition is a straightforward and natural way of providing your cannabis plants with all of their nutritional demands for the first 10–12 weeks of life.

These supplemental pellets have been designed to make feeding plants a “set and forget” operation. By adding them to the soil before introducing seedlings you won’t need to think or worry about feeding them again for months, removing an essential task from your to-do list for quite some time. Easy Boost Organic Nutrition works for such a prolonged period by harnessing gradual time-release technology that ensures nutrients are distributed over time to prevent initial overfeeding, and to ensure plants are continually sustained.

A little goes a long way with these pellets. The Easy Boost 100g pack features enough nutrients to sustain 2–3 plants for the first stage of the growing cycle, whereas 1kg of the supplement can assist large scale growers in raising between 20–25 plants at a time.

Easy Boost Organic Nutrition offers a plethora of vital ingredients that enable plants to carry out essential physiological processes. The supplement contains organic nitrogen, a molecule that makes up around 3–4% of above ground plant tissue and is a major part of chlorophyll, the molecule that enables plants to convert light into energy. Another key component of Easy Boost is phosphorus, an element responsible for root development, stem strength, and disease resistance. The supplement also contains potassium for regulating CO₂ uptake and triggering activation of key enzymes, as well as magnesium for enhancing photosynthesis.

The key trait of Easy Boost Organic Nutrition is in the name, it’s easy to use. To begin, fill a suitable sized pot or growing bag with 10L of potting soil. Next, empty 25g–50g of Easy Boost into the measuring scoop provided for an accurate dosage. Proceed by emptying the pellets into your pot or bag loaded with soil. Use your hands to thoroughly mix the pellets into the soil until they have been evenly distributed.

Now it’s time to move your seedling into its new home! Poke a 1cm deep hole into the centre of the growing container. Place your seedling into the hole and cover the base with soil. Hydrate the soil lightly with a mister to avoid stressing the seedling further.

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