Dr Fuhrman’s Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – Eat To Live

Lose weight and improve your health – in record time! Here, I explore Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Top 10 Eat To Live Tips for Aggressive Weight Loss.

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00:00 Intro – Lose 15lb in less than 6 weeks!
00:52 Salad is the Main Dish
01:34 Sweeten with Fruit
02:22 Fill Up on Fiber
03:08 Be Starch Smart
04:53 Beans are your BFF
05:52 Eliminate Animal Products
07:41 Nuts & Seeds, NOT Oil
09:26 Tame Toxic Hunger
11:21 Understand the Process
12:28 Micronutrient Excellence
13:07 Closing Remarks: You Have To Apply Yourself.

As he puts it: “You should be losing 15lb in a month, or you’re not doing this properly.”

There are plenty of fad diets that can help you lose (water!) weight rather quickly. But, what’s the use of dieting if it amplifies your risk of disease!?

The dietary plan outlined in his book Eat To Live is focused on helping us lose all that unhealthy body fat, by flushing our body with wonderful micronutrients that giving our body all the nutrition it needs, so that we also prevent disease.

Personally, reading Eat To Live had a significant impact on my own health journey. It opened up my eyes to the fallacies in modern nutrition and diets.

Eat To Live not only WORKS, but enhances mental clarity, energy and dampens toxic hunger.

All my friends and family who have tried the 6 week program have lost pounds and pounds! Go all in and you will see the weight drop effortlessly. Without feeling hungry and deprived. I recently returned to following it strictly, and lost 3kg in only 2 weeks!

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