Discover the Secret to a Longer Life: Thrive Together with a CommUNITY Approach — FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Created by Amanda Tress

With a heightened sense around mental health and solutions to help those who struggle with it, we can’t ignore that finding outlets in our own personal lifestyles and social circles can be advantageous.

It’s no surprise then, that the FASTer Way to Fat Loss has built its program around the idea of commUNITY. When you do your HIIT workout, or follow the day’s meal guide plan, you’re sharing the same experience with tens of thousands of people who are all in it together. To date, over 327,000 lives have been transformed, a testament to the power of community support. When we talk about the mental well-being that a solid community provides, it’s not just a feel-good factor; it’s a cornerstone of sustained success. And often, members realize this community was the missing piece they never knew they needed until they began on their FASTer Way journey.

The Power of Accountability

Still doing it alone and not seeing results in your health transformation? Get plugged into a group! We have coach groups, community groups, social media accounts, you name it, it’s there for you. We WANT you to connect where it’s comfortable for you. Research from the Dominican University of California has shown that when individuals set goals, share them, and maintain regular check-ins, their success rate soars to 76%. Nobody said it has to be a big group. At the FASTer Way, our unique one-to-one coaching taps into this power of not doing life alone. You don’t just get expert advice; you gain an accountability partner – someone as invested in your success as you are. Tell me what gym gives you access to a personal trainer you can connect with at any time!

Celebrating Each Step Together

In the FASTer Way family, every part of your journey matters — from the challenging plateaus to the exhilarating highs. Every leap forward, every obstacle overcome, and yes, even those tiny wins you think no one notices? We see them. We celebrate them. Because it’s our shared celebrations, heartfelt cheers, and the unstoppable spirit of encouragement that fuel our collective drive, reminding us that each personal win lifts us all higher. EVERY Friday, we celebrate WINS no matter which group you’re in – big, small or in between.

The VIP Experience

We do have one extra special experience in the FASTer Way and that’s our VIP community. Once you go through a six-week round, you hop right into a monthly VIP group. A space where dedication meets advanced strategies, the VIP membership offers elevated training, exclusive content, and an even tighter-knit community. It’s the perfect platform to dive deeper into your goals – with unmatched results in commUNITY!

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