DAY 8 of 10-Day No Food Challenge: Weight Loss Journey Update! – Video 7344

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DAY 8 of 10-Day No Food Challenge: Weight Loss Journey Update!
Video 7344 –
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Day 8 No Food Challenge Update: Weight Loss Journey | Loy Machedo

Join me on Day 8 of my 10-Day No Food Challenge as I discuss the effects of fasting for 8 consecutive days. In this video, I detail my recent doctor’s visit, including blood tests for sugar, cholesterol, liver and kidney function, cancer detection, and overall health assessment.

Experience the anticipation as I approach the end of my fast in just 2 days. Tune in to learn about Day 8 of my fasting journey and share your thoughts in the comments below.

– Loy Machedo


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Day 8 of My No Food Challenge: Facing the Raw Realities,
Navigating Hunger Pangs: My 10-Day Fasting Journey,
Confronting Body Aches: Day 8 of No Food Challenge,
Unveiling Mood Swings: 10-Day Fasting Experience,
Lethargy and Energy Surges: My Fasting Journey,
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Challenges of No Food: Day 8 Reflection,
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Journey Through Hunger: Day 8 Experience,
Tackling Physical Endurance: Fasting Day 8,
Reflections on Day 8: No Food Challenge Update,
Hunger Pangs and Headaches: Day 8 of Fasting,
Understanding Fasting: Day 8 Insights,
No Food Challenge Reality: Day 8 Update,
192 Hours In: My Fasting Journey Continues,
Facing the Facts: Day 8 of No Food Challenge,
Reality of Fasting: Day 8 Update

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