Datuk and friends take helicopter ride from KL to Johor for durian buffet, feast of fish and fruits

KUALA LUMPUR, June 28 ― A Datuk and his friends took a helicopter ride from KL to Johor to satisfy their durian cravings as well as to feast on fresh fish and fruits.

The Datuk had booked a durian buffet for four on durian farmer Lokman Hakim Johar’s Kampung Bangas plantation.

Located in Kampung Sulir Segamat, Johor, Lokman owns durian farm Kebun Johar Jantan and homestay, Villa Seri Intan.

According to him, the Datuk had requested authentic Segamat durian varieties as popular Musang King and D24 variants were widely available in the city.

Lokman also served the IOI or Muar Gold Durian alongside rambutan and mangosteen from his plantation.

Lokman along with the Datuk and friends at his farm. — Pictures via Faceboook/Lokman Hakim Johar

Lokman along with the Datuk and friends at his farm. — Pictures via Faceboook/Lokman Hakim Johar

“After tasting durians to feasting on ‘ikan baung masak lemak‘, the Datuk and his friends flew back to Kuala Lumpur after staying for just over an hour,” the farmer told Malay Mail.

“We had a lot of fun with them, they ended up taking a lot of durians back to KL.” The durian feast cost RM88 per person and the river fish cost RM25 per head.

“In order to arrange it properly, I contacted the helicopter pilot several times before the date and shared the landing point on Google maps,” he explained.

“Durian season is coming to an end this month, hopefully, we can get more guests into our homestay and farm next January.

Lokman organised “Durio Tourism” from last Saturday to Wednesday, where visitors can taste the best durian and other fruits on the farm for RM88 per person.

He invited Malaysians and foreigners to stay in Segamat at his Villa Seri Intan and Kebun Johar Jantan to enjoy the local delicacies and scenery.

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