Costco’s ‘Amazing’ New Food Court Cookie Hack Is Taking the Internet By Storm

Costco’s ‘Amazing’ New Food Court Cookie Hack Is Taking the Internet By Storm Costco’s brand-new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie has only been available at the food court for a few weeks now, but members are already concocting genius ways to customize the treat and make it even tastier. The sizable cookies joined the food court selection in late 2023, taking the churro’s place on the menu. They’re served warm, made with butter, and packed with both bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate. Each cookie costs $2.49. Many Costco shoppers say the new cookies taste “delicious” as is. But since the food court also serves ice cream, it wasn’t a big jump for Costco members to come up with the idea to combine the two into one indulgent mashup dessert. Costco shoppers have started ordering sundaes and crumbling the cookies on top to DIY their own cookie ice cream sundaes. One member who tried out the hack raved on Reddit that the combo treat was “so good.” Other customers who’ve done the same have reported similarly delicious results. “I just got this and it was outstanding. I waited for a cookie that was just pulled out of the oven. 10/10 would recommend!” a shopper commented on the post. “Just did this today and it was amazing. I’ll miss the churro but this combo definitely distracted me from that grief,” wrote another. Those willing to get their hands a little dirty could also follow in the footsteps of members who’ve turned the cookies into ice cream sandwiches. You’ll just need to order two cookies instead of one and spoon a layer of ice cream into the center before digging in. If you’re interested in trying out one of these food court hacks, just be warned that the cookie may not be available nationwide right now. Earlier this month, several shoppers and self-identified Costco employees claimed that the retailer wasn’t selling the cookie in certain areas of the country where higher altitudes were negatively affecting the bake (Costco did not respond to our queries confirmation and comment on the reported cookie issues). This is only the latest Costco food court hack to take the internet by storm in recent months. One particularly outrageous creation called the “Jochizaa”—a combo of the food court cheese pizza, hot dog, and Chicken Bake—went viral on TikTok in October 2023. Customers interested in making the monstrous meal must slice open the Chicken Bake lengthwise to create a pocket and then put the hot dog inside. Next, they need to rip the cheese off of the pizza and place it directly on top of the hot dog-stuffed Chicken Bake. If desired, customers can also top the Jochizza with diced onions, ketchup, mustard, and relish as a final touch.

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