Costco Is Allegedly Launching a New Food Court Sandwich—Here’s What We Know

Costco Is Allegedly Launching a New Food Court Sandwich—Here’s What We Know Like the inventory on the shelves, Costco’s food court offerings are continuously evolving. Following rumors about the discontinuation of the warehouse club’s roast beef sandwich, a new turkey and Swiss sandwich is allegedly coming to the food court, according to a recent Reddit thread. This week, one Reddit user shared a photo of the rumored item, captioning the post, “New Costco Food Court Turkey Sandwich?” As depicted in the image, this new sandwich features a roll with “brown turkey” and Swiss cheese. The rest of the product description is cut off and the price is not shown. The Reddit thread soon racked up more than 170 comments, with most of the users not excited by this news. “Looks dry, no thanks,” one commenter wrote. “Just another cold and dry sandwich. Instant pass. I’m sure it will also cost more than the old toasted turkey provolone. It’s going to be another failure,” another one added. Although the price isn’t included in the product image, some Redditors claimed this item will be $6.99. Costco previously offered a hot turkey and provolone sandwich at the food court but removed it from the menu during the pandemic. This item, which some shoppers call the “turkey pesto sandwich,” had oven-browned turkey, provolone cheese, red onion, tomatoes, and a basil garlic mayonnaise on a toasted torta roll. Aside from this turkey sandwich, Redditors also expressed their desire for the return of other discontinued food court items, such as the Polish dog and combo pizza. Others emphasized the need for the sandwich to be warm, with one writing, “If it’s not going through a panini press I don’t think most people will be interested.” Costco did not immediately respond to our request for comment regarding the rumored launch of the turkey and Swiss sandwich. Last week, shoppers took to Reddit to report the disappearance of the food court’s roast beef sandwich—an item that has sparked backlash because of its $9.99 price tag. Rumors about the sandwich’s discontinuation began circulating in October 2023 after an alleged Costco employee said they heard this news from their manager. The Redditor wrote, “More than likely due to poor sales.” In the most recent Reddit thread about the roast beef sandwich, multiple users claimed this food court item will be replaced with the turkey and Swiss sandwich.

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