Coronation Street’s Colson Smith supported as he shows off huge weight-loss ahead of event – Daily Record

Coronation Street star Colson Smith has shared a countdown with fans as he is currently training for a marathon in two weeks time.

The actor, who plays Craig Tinker in the ITV soap, has undergone a huge transformation in recent years after completely overhauling his lifestyle resulting in a 10 stone weight loss. Sharing a photo on Instagram, Colson, 25, told his 180,000 followers that he will be taking part in a marathon in Belgium in two weeks’ time.

Sharing a snap in his running gear, Tina O’Brien who plays Sarah Barlow on the show branded him an “actual inspiration” as fans flooded him with support. One user queried: “Nice work Colson. Do you have a target time, or is it more just to compete and finish?”

Colson responded: “Just a holiday with run this, putting no pressure on myself”.

Colson previously explained that during lockdown, he underwent major lifestyle and diet changes to achieve his 10 stone weight loss. He explained on the Sofa Cinema Club podcast that ‘nothing’ would fit him so he focused his adventurous side on shoes.

“Then being probably 18/19 I started to really enjoy like a pair of shoes, it was mainly shoes because I was too fat to wear clothes, nothing fit…whatever ASOS did in 20 XL and then shoes… anyone can fit into shoes,” he said.

Previously speaking about his weight loss, Colson said: “I was always the fat kid. In most of my social situations, social circles, that’s just who I was. And it’s kind of the identity that I ended up with. I made that conscious decision. I was ready to kind of change that identity and I was ready to move on from it.”

He initially began working out in the gym, but decided to focus on morning runs as his main form of exercise. “In lockdown, I put myself first over everything. Now, when it comes to normal life, I’ve kind of still got that in my head. So when I’m going through my day, when I’ve got my work, when I’ve got stuff, other stuff going on, I’m trying to balance my day out,” he added.

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