Chrissie Swan praised for showing ‘healthy, balanced’ lifestyle after weight loss

Chrissie Swan has been open about overhauling her lifestyle recently – and now she’s being praised for doing so in a “healthy and balanced” way.

The radio host gave up alcohol and took up walking during the various lockdowns imposed during the pandemic, losing weight as a result of the “enormous” changes to her lifestyle.

But a recent photo shared on Instagram shows the mum-of-three still indulges in her favourite foods from time-to-time – and fans have been quick to commend the 48-year-old for adopting a healthy balance.

‘Thank you’: Chrissie Swan’s dinner photo applauded by fans. Picture: Instagram/ChrissieSwan

In a post shared on Instagram on Friday, Chrissie showed herself tucking into a fried entree at an RSL club in Ramsgate, NSW.

One photo showed Chrissie dipping the item into a sauce, while a second snap showed her appearing to be overcome with excitement, her face hidden behind her hands.

“Sweet Jesus I love me some Sesame Prawn Toast. I believe it is the superior Chinese entree. Thoughts?” she captioned the two snaps.

Chrissie – who was wearing the popular Australian activewear brand STAX. during her meal – then made a joke about the “surprisingly posh” restaurant she was dining at.

‘Thank you’: Chrissie Swan’s dinner photo applauded by fans. Picture: Instagram/ChrissieSwan

Her 253,000 followers were quick to share their opinion on the fried entree as well as commend Chrissie for setting a good example about what a healthy diet looks like.

“Agree wholeheartedly, love me some prawn toast!!” one wrote.

“Yummmm especially with sweet and sour sauce,” another said.

While one stated: “100 per cent agree – good for entree or just a snack.”

Chrissie Swan celebrates Nova's 15th birthday. Picture: Tony Gough

“OMG prawns toasts are amazing!!!! Thanks for showing us what ‘healthy’ looks like,” one follower said.

“Yes, it’s all about balance,” another agreed.

Last October, Chrissie revealed on The Project she had given up drinking after noticing her anxiety was “through the roof”.

“I haven’t had a drink in about nine months,” she said.

“I do recommend it. If you’re thinking, ‘oh, maybe I’m drinking a bit much’ or ‘it’s not helping me any more’, I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve taken from it, is that it didn’t help.”

Chrissie Swan loving her new take on life on her Instagram account. Picture: Instagram/ChrissieSwan
She revealed last October she gave up drinking. Picture: Instagram/ChrissieSwan

Prior to quitting the Nova host said she had also been struggling with her sleep and had noticed changes to her overall health since.

“I really noticed a huge difference in my day-to-day positivity and ability to deal with the pandemic and the ongoing changes to literally every part of our lives if I’m clear minded and for me it’s been fantastic, a fantastic choice,” she said.

STAX. makes 'feel good' clothing for every body type. Picture: Instagram/danielle_lucyy
Shoppers love the affordable price of the activewear. Picture: Instagram/shanara_xo

Chrissie’s activewear of choice for her outing is a brand loved by Australian and international celebrities.

STAX. was launched in 2015 by couple Matilda Murray and Don Robertson with an ethos of making “feel-good” clothing for every body type.

As well as Chrissie, fans include singer Lizzo, Hollywood actress Jennifer Lopez and TikTok mega-influencer Addison Rae.

But one of the brand’s most love qualities is its affordable for luxe nature, with sets costing around $130, making it accessible for everyone.

The brand’s “best black tights” are its best-selling item, with people branding them the “best leggings you can buy”.

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