Carnie Wilson celebrates 40-pound weight loss with new pics and reveals diet changes

Carnie Wilson is treating nutrition like her sobriety. By taking things day by day, the Wilson Phillips singer has shed 40 pounds. During a April 9, 2024, appearance on Entertainment Tonight, Wilson, 55, sat down with Nischelle Turner and discussed the changes she’s made to her diet. “I’m on a very restrictive eating style right now, which has been great,” Wilson said. She hasn’t eaten gluten or sugar since September 2023. “Something switched for me that was an internal thing,” Wilson said. “It was like a voice that said: ‘You’re done. You’re done eating the food that makes you feel like crap.’” Wilson gave bariatric surgery a shot in the past when she was at her heaviest, 310 pounds, but this time around, it’s diet changes that are helping her progress on her weight-loss journey. “I’ve never eaten this way in my whole life, but I’m kind of looking at it like my sobriety, which is just one day at a time,” she said. “Just for today, I’m not going to eat dessert or even a taste it. I’m really being strict. No pills, no shots, no nothing.” After a bloodwork panel, Wilson said she learned she was prediabetic. “You know, the blood sugars were up and the cholesterol, and I was having pain in my belly. Every day I’d wake up and everything hurt from head to toe,” said Wilson. She’s in perimenopause, but the swelling and pain alerted her that some of the choices she was making might have been contributing to the discomfort. “I wasn’t feeling right,” she added. On April 7, 2024, the singer celebrated her weight loss on Instagram with side-by-side photos. “This is 40 pounds down,” she wrote in her caption. “I feel really different. I need to start exercising more to make the scale start to move again, but I’m so proud and pumped. Knowing that I did this PURELY through diet — no gluten or sugar, no butter and keeping fats down too.” Recently, Wilson wrote, she’s been incorporating a bit more fat into her diet with nuts and some cheese, but cutting it out for a time was a game-changer. “I have totally adjusted my eating habits to satisfy my cravings but in a realistic way,” she concluded before calling her journey a “miracle.” As for specifics about her diet, Wilson detailed some of her nutritional choices. “The way I eat is corn tortillas not flour, I eat brown rice — I eat some rice — I eat plenty of tortilla chips and guac. I don’t deprive myself for s–t. I’m going to eat what I want but I just don’t eat sugar or gluten and it’s working, and I just feel better.” Wilson’s committed to this, even as the host of a new AXS TV cooking show. “It’s not temporary, I want this to be forever,” Wilson said.

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