Brandy’s Daughter Sy’Rai Smith Sometimes Felt Her Mom Was ‘Embarrassed’ of Her Before Weight Loss

“Why am I not that size … why was I made the way I was made?”

Sy’Rai Smith, daughter of iconic singer-songwriter Brandy, made her TV debut on “The Real” this week — where she opened up about her issues with body image during her weight loss journey.

During her appearance, the 19-year-old got candid about how social media affected her perception of herself and her body image. She also told the daytime hosts that her desire to prioritize her health and her mother’s support were the two biggest driving forces that kept her going.

“I had a lot of health issues when I was at the size that I was,” Smith revealed. “My mom was with me through everything. She saw me go through a lot. And I just decided to really take my health seriously, so I changed my mindset, changed my mentality, and I knew that being in the size or the body that I was in, I knew my life wasn’t going to be as long … I just knew that living my purpose, I wouldn’t be able to live in that body.”

She admitted that despite the loving environment she grew up in, her size always made her feel like “the odd one out.”

“Sometimes it was a little bit difficult because seeing my mom dress a certain way or wear certain things, or when she was on the carpet or anything like that, it was kind of difficult because I was like, ‘Why am I not that way?’ she confessed.

Although her mother always reminded her of her beauty both inside and out, she often wondered, “Why am I not that size, why was I made the way I was made? And sometimes I would feel a little sad or feel like she was embarrassed of me.”

Sy’Rai also spoke out about how social media made her obsess over her progress and became a place where she would constantly compare herself to other women.

“I started becoming a little more obsessed with the scale, with how I looked, with how my body was transforming. It wasn’t easy to look at myself and then I grow up in an era where a lot of young women compare themselves to other women on social media,” she said.

“I’m a victim of that, I get very jealous and very insecure when I look at other women and I know my body has been through a lot and I always have to remind myself of that,” she continued.

“The scars I have, the stretch marks that I have … it’s for a purpose … but I do feel a little pressure,” she continued. “People have eyes on me at all times … I did feel pressure to quickly do it or maneuver to kind of form a little Instagram body but that’s not normal.”

Her mother Brandy showed support for her daughter’s first television appearance on Instagram after it aired — writing, “What an amazing human being I love your spirit and your smile. So brave to walk in your purpose and shine in your truth all up on @therealdaytime Your smile …. @syraismith #inspire.”

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