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In 2020, her self-described “year of health,” Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson shed an astonishing 35kg.

The 42-year-old actress has credited achieving her weight loss goals to following the Mayr Method diet plan devised by an Austrian physicist, Dr Franz Xavier Mayr.

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The low-carb diet encourages a big breakfast followed by smaller meals as the day goes on.

It also limits sugar intake and encourages followers to avoid gluten, caffeine, dairy and processed foods.

The diet is big on protein (fish, white meat, grains, nuts and seeds), vegetables and fruit.

Snacks aren’t encouraged and fast food to be avoided.

Rebel checked into the Vivamayr Altausee wellness centre in Austria to get her weight loss program underway and has kept the weight off, impressing her legions of fans.

She has also kept her followers abreast of her weight loss journey on social media ever since.

So, what exactly does Rebel eat in a day?

According to the Mayr diet, Rebel would most likely have oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, Mashed reports.

She’d have lean chicken breast, rice and steamed veggies for lunch, and something similar for dinner, but with fish instead of chicken.

Low-grain carbs such as quinoa and oatmeal would be fine, but bread and pasta would be a no-no.

Tofu, polenta, edamame beans, lentils and nuts are encouraged on the diet, but processed meat is off the menu, so you’d be saying goodbye to sausages, salami, ham, cured bacon and corned beef.

Red meat doesn’t really feature in the Mayr diet, so it’s unlikely Rebel is tucking into a beef steak, but fish, salmon and skinless chicken breast would be high on the agenda.

As for liquids, Rebel would be drinking plenty of water and green tea – but not soft drinks.

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However, according to Healthline, the Mayr diet recommends people don’t drink water with their meals, and avoid it for an hour before and after eating.

This is because followers of the Mayr method believe drinking water with meals can stop the stomach properly digesting food.

That doesn’t mean Rebel doesn’t drink much water, however.

In a December 2020 Instagram Live, the actress said she aims to drink two to three litres of water a day.

Fancy a tipple after your evening meal?

Well, according to the Mayr method, alcohol is to be avoided – unlikely to be a problem for Rebel as she once told TV host James Corden she didn’t try an alcoholic drink until she was 25 and had never been much of a drinker.

“Fun fact – I’ve never been drunk in my whole life,” she told the talk show host in 2019.

“In science class, they said if you drink alcohol, it kills your brain cells.”

As for dessert, the actress has begun occasionally reintroducing a sweet treat back into her diet, but no more than twice a week.

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Late last year she told Women’s Health that she will occasionally enjoy a bit of chocolate or ice-cream – but balance is key and everything in moderation.

She said her tip for fighting off sweet food cravings was to jump into a warm bubble bath.

Speaking with People in 2020, she said that portion control was key – as was learning to stop eating when you feel full.

But she also admitted that it was okay to have the occasional bad week.

“It doesn’t mean every week is a healthy week,” she said.

“Some weeks are just write offs, and there’s nothing you can do about that.”

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