BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Ellie Leach addresses relationship with Vito and weight loss – Birmingham Live

Strictly Come Dancing star Ellie Leach said her and dance partner Vito Coppola have a ‘relly good’ relationship amid rumours of romance between the pair. The former Coronation Street star and her professional dance partner have been top of the leaderboard for two weeks running, until they were knocked off by Layton Williams and Nikita Kuzmin last night.

Ellie still managed to get the second place spot on the leaderboard with their rumba to True Colours by Cyndi Lauper. They were awarded a very respectable 35 points from the judges.

Speaking about her relationship with Vito, Ellie told OK! Magazine: “We’ve got a really good relationship where we kind of know what the other needs. Vito even lets me have power naps during training.”

Ellie has credited Vito, who called her baby, with improving her self-confidence as well as her dance moves. Ellie added: “Every single day he says to me, ‘I believe in you… You can do this… I know you can… Just believe in yourself.’ That’s probably the biggest thing he’s taught me, aside from dancing. He’s like, ‘I believe in you and you just need to believe in yourself.'”

She admitted that before the process she was struggling after her five-year relationship with boyfriend Reagan Pettman ended. “Self-confidence is something I’ve always struggled with,” shetold the publication. “Before going on Strictly I was like, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do it.’ I never would have expected to be performing live in front of so many people. But now we just do it every week and it kind of feels like my normal life. I’m not completely confident but every week we’re progressing and that’s something I’m really proud of.”

Ellie also spoke about how training for Strictly was helping to keep her fit. She added: “I’ve lost a lot of weight. You’re training so much. I still need to work on my fitness levels but even the dance we’re doing this week, I wouldn’t have been able to do three weeks ago.”

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