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Former AFL star Dale Thomas has revealed the new medication plan that’s helping him get on top of his up-and-down weight issues.

Thomas says the COVID kilos are now staying off for good – thanks to a once-a-day treatment.

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The former Carlton and Collingwood excitement machine is now lighter, healthier and happier than he’s been for a while.

He says a new medical weight-loss program has changed his eating habits for the better.

Thomas said it was not “some sort of cowboy treatment” and it was clinically approved.

The treatment is with a company called pilot and it has helped Thomas lose more than 10kgs.

It’s a once-a-day injection that’s part of a tailored weight-loss program.

“I guess coming out of COVD (it was) no surprise a lot of us put on a few kilos – so (I’m) fortunate to team up with the good people at pilot and really tackle some weight loss in a scientific and pharmaceutical way,” he said.

“It’s given me a new lease on life. (I’ve) been able to drop some kilos and (get) back to really enjoying some things I wasn’t able to do whilst I was at my heaviest – running, being active and enjoying myself.

“Without pilot it would be interesting. I assume I’d be a lot larger than I am now. I’ve still got probably 4-5 kilos to go to get back to my playing weight,” Thomas said.

That playing weight is a long way from where Daisy ended up within his first year of leaving footy at the end of 2019.

Thomas battled physical and mental demons as he adjusted to his new life after AFL.

“Yes, I was happy to be the butt of a few jokes but it does take a toll on you eventually,” he said.

“It didn’t matter how hard I was working it just wasn’t seeming to fall off.

“Genetics play a large part in weight loss which is something I never understood. Playing professional sport for a long time, you just roll out expect that if you do put on some weight, you train harder and you lose it.

“(But) coming out of COVID, it wasn’t how much I was training, it wasn’t really helping so the pilot metabolic reset which I did was science based … (and it) really helped me kickstart that weight loss and essentially working smarter not harder.

“No surprises if you put on the best part of 12-13 kilos that something needs to change and a lot of us through COVID it was a case of eating your feelings – I was certainly doing that .

“The only time I’ve experienced weight gain was after playing professional sport. Training so often throughout the weeks and throughout the years it was never really an issue.

“From what you considered to be out of shape or not at peak performance (when being a professional athlete) then to what it actually looks like now post career, is completely different.”

Endocrinologist and obesity physician Dr Ramy Bishay said the pilot program was “holistic in nature” and overcame some of the strong physiological urges that drive obesity.

The bureau of statistics reveals 67 per cent of Australian adults are overweight or obese.

National guidelines for obesity are being overhauled, acknowledging the ‘eat less, move more’ rule is too simplistic for some.

New weight-loss drugs are changing the treatment landscape, but some doctors – including the AMA – caution against using pharmaceuticals to solve every problem.

For Thomas it’s been about finding a healthy balance.

“I think there’s stigma in general about any sort of medication you take whether its for mental health (or) whether it’s for weight loss.” Thomas said

Thomas has previously spoken about mental health challenges that resulted from a relationship breakdown.

Thomas was devastated when he split up with his long-term partner Hayley Robertson and had restricted access to his daughter.

“There were times where I’d rock up to training and sit in the car in tears, then rock up and be a court jester to try and hide it. I was liked for that, but I knew I was being a fraud, so that ate away at me as well,” he said.

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