7 Fast-Food Chains That Serve the Best Pancakes

Some breakfast foods are synonymous with quick and on-the-go, like a smoothie or Egg McMuffin. Other breakfasts are more appropriate when things are a bit more leisurely like a full plate of eggs, bacon, and home fries or a plate piled high with delicious homemade pancakes. It would be wonderful if every morning could start with a luxurious breakfast like those, but in reality, most are lucky some days if they make it out the door with a coffee in hand.

Given the need for speed, it’s no wonder that so many turn to local fast-food restaurants for their first meal of the day. According to a 2022 report from NBC News, breakfast is big business for fast-food chains. Restaurant analyst Lauren Silberman put it simply: “Breakfast is the most profitable part of the day,” pulling in $35 billion in sales in 2020 alone. So, it is in these chains’ best interest to make sure your favorite breakfast items are included on the menu, and that includes pancakes.

Don’t feel like pancakes are only reserved for weekend mornings when time is on your side. A number of fast-food chains include pancakes on their breakfast menus, giving you a stack of light and fluffy flapjacks in a matter of minutes. Drizzle some maple syrup on top and you got yourself the makings of a tasty early-morning meal.

The next time you’re craving some pancakes but don’t have the time to whip them up yourself, keep these seven fast-food chains in mind.

McDonald’s may have rolled back its all-day breakfast menu in 2020, but you can still find all of your favorite morning fixings if you visit early enough. The chain’s breakfast menu includes savory classics like the Egg McMuffin but those who would prefer a few flapjacks will want to keep their eyes peeled for Hotcakes on the menu. McDonald’s serves its pancakes by themselves or as part of a breakfast platter with additional sides. Just be aware that a simple plate of pancakes with syrups is 580 calories, while the Big Breakfast—served with a biscuit, sausage, scrambled eggs, and hash browns is a whopping 1,340. If you want pancakes on the go, try one of the McGriddle sandwiches which feature soft pancake-like buns studded with pockets of syrup.

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Whataburger is a beloved burger chain primarily found in Texas—though it has a presence in 13 other states. Its menu includes the usual suspects like burgers and fries as well as unique items you may not see at every fast-food chain like onion rings and patty melts. For breakfast, Whataburger serves massive Breakfast Burgers, Cinnamon Rolls, pancake platters, and more.

For anyone craving pancakes, Whataburger’s Pancake Platter comes with a side of bacon and hash brown sticks along with a cup of coffee. You can even substitute sausage for your bacon, as well as add extra sides like scrambled eggs. Just be aware that a platter with bacon has 945 calories.

While some restaurants and fast-food chains are committed to serving the largest, fluffiest pancakes out there, you may find that sometimes you wish there was a place to find smaller, bite-sized pancakes. If that’s the case, look no further than Jack in the Box. Its Mini Pancakes come in a serving size of eight, available by themselves or as part of the Jumbo Breakfast Platters. And with breakfast available all day, it is always the right time to fill up on Mini Pancakes.

If you find yourself with time to only fill up your car with gas on the way to work, stop by Wawa to also check the breakfast box off of your morning to-do list. The convenience store chain serves a number of high-quality fast-food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including tasty breakfast sandwiches perfect for enjoying while you are on the go. One of Wawa’s breakfast sandwiches you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else is its Sausage, Egg, and Cheese sandwich served on two pancakes as the bread.

It may be known as the home of the Whopper sandwich, but Burger King also knows a thing or two when it comes to breakfast. When hunger strikes early, it can take a seriously large meal to satiate those breakfast cravings. For the extra-hungry (or if you want something that can easily be shared among two or three people), Burger King sells a Pancake and Sausage Platter during its morning hours. If that all seems like too much and you just want to stick to pancakes, Burger King also serves a Pancake Platter that keeps things a little more simple, per USA Today. The Pancake Platter is just 235 calories while the one with sausage is 412 calories, which isn’t bad compared to some of the other chains.

Not to be confused with Jack in the Box, Jack’s is a smaller fast-food chain with about 230 restaurants located primarily in the southeast Sun Belt of the United States. Its menu features exactly what you would want to find in a fast-food restaurant, including burgers, french fries, and chicken tenders. For breakfast, Jack’s serves three fluffy Pancakes with a side of bacon to start your day on the right foot. In true Southern fashion, an array of breakfast sandwiches are available, all served on made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits.

Located in Connecticut, Duchess fast-food restaurants have been in operation since the 1950s. Its menu has everything from burgers and hot dogs to deli sandwiches and salads. For breakfast, customers can order their choice of three different kinds of pancakes: plain, blueberry, or chocolate chip. Anyone with an extra-large appetite can also find two pancakes included in Duchess’ Breakfast Platter, which also comes with two eggs and their choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

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