579. How to Hack Glucose Levels for Skin, Weight, Energy, Aging + Hormones with The Glucose Goddess

Jessie Inchauspé, AKA, Glucose Goddess, is a biochemist with a message for the world on clean eating and vibrant living. She joins K+L in the studio for a star seed transmission that will change how you think about full-body health – really. And it all comes down to our blood sugar.

We unpack the science of cravings; skin health and hormones; good (and bad) smoothies; healthy blood sugar ranges; lifestyle factors like caffeine, exercise, and stress; and why glucose levels are important – even if you’re not diabetic.

The conversation around blood sugar is incredibly important. It’s long awaited and long overdue for us to be mindful about this aspect of our health. And Jessie is the perfect vessel to deliver this important science-backed message to the community.

We also talk about:
How breaking her back split her mind

Becoming the Glucose Goddess

Why the focus on glucose?

Glucose, aging, and skin

Tips to avoid glucose spiking

Clothing your carbs

Glucose and women’s hormones

Insulin and diabetes

Good (and bad) sweeteners

Apple cider vinegar and acetic acid

Good (and bad) breakfast foods

Alcohol, caffeine, exercise, and sleep

Fully coming into her power

Read: Glucose Revolution

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