Alison Hammond makes Strictly weight loss revelation after wowing fans on the show

Alison Hammond recently showed off her weight loss on Strictly Come Dancing by sporting a dress she originally wore as a contestant on the show eight years ago. Making a Strictly cameo to read the terms and conditions on Saturday night’s show, Alison sashayed through the gold curtains following Hamza Yassin and Jowita Przystał’s controversial […]

5 Eating Habits Destroying Your Body After 30 — Eat This Not That

Your 30s can be a time for flourishing. You’re more established, confident, and sure of yourself than you were in your 20s. Hopefully, you’re also still feeling healthy and lively enough to do everything you need to be independent in terms of your self-care without worrying too much about coping with any chronic and/or egregious […]

The BIGGEST Weight Loss Scam

HG Coaching Program developed by Dr. K: Merch Sales go to our Coaching Program: ▼ Studies▼ _____ Studies mentioned: Diet and Binging: A casual analysis Reprogramming the body weight set point by a reciprocal interaction of hypothalamic leptin sensitivity and Pomc gene expression reverts extreme obesity Changes in Energy Expenditure Resulting […]