15 Best Costco Desserts for Weight Loss

15 Best Costco Desserts for Weight Loss Desserts are notorious for packing loads of sugar and fat, and they can sometimes have just as many calories as your entire entrée! If you are trying to lose weight, you may think desserts are off-limits. However, there are ways to end your meal with a sweet treat while still shedding some pounds. You may want to skip the triple chocolate cake a la mode at your favorite restaurant, but there are plenty of reasonable treats at Costco to satisfy your sweet tooth at home. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best Costco desserts for weight loss to add to your shopping list pronto. There are endless dessert options out there, but the common theme is sweetness. When choosing a dessert that allows you to work toward your weight-loss goals, look for options with natural sweetness and minimal added sugar. Fruit is a great example of this. The natural sugars in fruit allow it to be sweet without added sugar, and the fiber found in fruit allows it to provide added health benefits. A more nutritious dessert option contains fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Although you may not get all three of these components while watching added sugar, look for options that provide more than just carbohydrates. Lastly, pre-portioned options are great for keeping your calorie intake minimal and limiting your likelihood of overeating dessert. To assist your weight-loss goals, here are the 15 best Costco desserts for weight loss. La Dolce Vita Classic Almond Biscotti Biscotti are known for their mild sweetness and crunchy texture. Often enjoyed with a warm mug of tea or coffee, biscotti can be a reasonable choice for dessert. Although sugar is the second ingredient in La Dolce Vita Classic Almond Biscotti, a single biscotti contains only around 4 grams of added sugar and is only 85 calories. Almonds provide some healthy fats and protein in this treat, making it a good option when you keep your portion to a single serving or less. Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter While not overtly sweet, almond butter can be a great addition to a fruit-based dessert. The healthy fats, protein, and fiber in almond butter allow it to be a more filling option, making your dessert even more satisfying. Enjoy a small spoonful of Kirkland Signature Creamy Almond Butter with a banana, strawberries, or sliced apple for a balanced dessert that packs plenty of important nutrients while satisfying to sweet tooth. KIND Dipped Clusters, Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Nuts and Fruit Nuts are a great base for a dessert as they provide healthy fats, protein, and fiber all in one. When combined with dark chocolate and fruit, like in these KIND Dipped Clusters, the combination of sweet and salty is sure to meet your need for something sweet. One serving is 140 calories, has 6 grams of added sugar, and offers 2 grams of fiber, making it a healthier option than traditional sweets. Enjoy a smaller serving for a more calorie-conscious dessert that still adds sweetness and crunch to your day. Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters Another option that features nuts and seeds as the main ingredients, these Kirkland Signature Cashew Clusters have a touch of sweetness, too. A one-ounce serving is 160 calories, which may be higher than ideal for those wanting to lose weight. However, five pieces are included in a serving, so just stick with two or three pieces for dessert to keep the sugar and calories at bay. Either way, you’ll be getting a few grams of protein and healthy fats to make for a weight-loss-friendly dessert. That’s it, Mini Fruit Bars These single-serve That’s it. Mini Fruit Bars contain only 60 calories with no added sugar. Even better, they contain 2 to 3 grams of fiber to make for a more filling dessert. The only ingredients in these bars are fruit, allowing them to provide some vitamins and minerals with no added preservatives. Three flavor varieties provide something for everyone, making them an option that could please the whole family. SkinnyPop Popcorn, Sweet & Salty Kettle If you like a sweet and salty flavor combo for dessert, this SkinnyPop Popcorn, Sweet & Salty Kettle will be right up your alley. The single-portion bags contain just over 100 calories with 2 grams of fiber and protein. A few grams of added sugar provide some sweetness but still allow this option to make for a great weight-loss dessert. You could even sprinkle your popcorn with a dash of cinnamon for added flavor! Innofoods Organic Almond & Pecan Clusters With coconut, pumpkin seeds, pecans, and almonds as the first four ingredients in Innofoods Organic Almond & Pecan Clusters, your dessert contains plenty of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. This is a higher calorie option because of the healthy fats, so consider having a half serving to keep your dessert calories under 100. No Sugar Shellz Dark Chocolatey Caramel Pecan These keto-friendly No Sugar Shellz Dark Chocolatey Caramel Pecan clusters contain no added sugar, yet provide the comforting flavors of dark chocolate and caramel. Satisfy your sweet tooth for only 70 calories with these individually portioned clusters that also provide an impressive 6 grams of fiber. Pair these bites with some fruit for a hearty dessert that can still be under 100 calories! Honey Maid Graham Crackers You may associate Honey Maid Graham Crackers with chocolate and marshmallows. While this makes for a delicious treat, s’mores aren’t as friendly to your waistline. A single sheet of graham crackers contains only 65 calories and 4 grams of added sugar. You won’t get much fiber or protein, so add a thin layer of almond butter to your graham for a balanced and satisfying treat. Universal Bakery Traditional Aussie Bites At 130 calories per bite, these individual treats are the perfect single-serving dessert. Universal Bakery Traditional Aussie Bites contain oats, apricots, raisins, flax seeds, and more, making for a nutritious option. They do contain 3 grams of added sugar, but the fiber, protein, and healthy fat content allows these to still be a great option. Not to mention, they taste like a delicious oatmeal raisin cookie. Made in Nature USDA Organic Dried Mangos Fresh fruit makes for a great dessert choice, but when you don’t have any on hand, unsweetened dried fruit can serve as a great option as well. Made in Nature USDA Organic Dried Mangos are naturally sweet, meeting your dessert desires without any added sugar. The mildly tangy flavor of mango gives it a different flavor profile than many other desserts, making it a unique treat. KIND Mini Bars Individually portioned desserts take high priority for treats that benefit weight loss, and these KIND Mini Bars are no exception. The caramel almond and sea salt flavor contains fewer than 100 calories and packs 4 grams of fiber with only 2 grams of added sugar. Enjoy these as part of a snack during the day, or keep them as a healthy dessert option that provides essential nutrients, too. Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls Crispy, lightly sweet, and low in calories are key aspects that make Tropical Fields Crispy Coconut Rolls a good dessert for weight loss. A single serving contains only 43 calories, allowing you to double your portion and still stay under 100 calories. Unfortunately, they don’t provide fiber, but the low-calorie count allows them to be paired with nutritious foods to create a balanced dessert under 100 calories. Fairlife Nutrition Plan, 30g Protein Shake, Chocolate Along with fiber, protein is a very satiating ingredient. Choosing desserts that contain one, or both, of these nutrients makes your treat even more satisfying. These individual Fairlife Nutrition Plan, 30g Protein Shakes contain 150 calories and a whopping 30 grams of protein. Even better, they contain no added sugar. Enjoy a half bottle for a lower calorie count that still packs plenty of filling protein and sweetness for your dessert. Oikos Triple Zero Blended Greek Yogurt Another protein-packed dessert, Oikos Triple Zero Blended Greek Yogurt comes in under 100 calories per serving, contains no added sugar, and provides 15 grams of protein per serving. Top off your Greek yogurt with some fresh fruit to incorporate fiber, and/or nuts for a boost of fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Either way, this dessert provides a good portion for relatively few calories.

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