1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Is Blaming Fans For Failed Weight Loss Journey!

Tammy Slaton is by far one of the most indecent celebrities to come out of TLC. Through her show, 1000 Lb Sisters, she has a reputation for mistreating her near and dear ones. Although she is on a downward spiral regarding her weight, the TV star never learns. However, now she has resorted to blaming her fans! What did she blame them for? Keep reading further to know all the answers!

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Blames Fans For Her Weight Gain! They Clap Back

Tammy Slaton is known for her irrational and childlike behavior in the show 1000 Lb Sisters. Although she is an adult, her morbidly obese condition makes her depend heavily on her family members. Despite this, the celebrity continues to be unkind to them and behaves in an ungrateful manner

. However, this time, the famous sister decided to blame someone else. It turns out she took to her social media to call her “fans” out.

As per a Reddit post, the Slaton sister took to her TikTok handle to share a video of her lashing out at her fans. In it, Tammy said that she “deserves credit” for trying. Then, she blamed her fans for “holding her back” and not letting her “win”. Later on, the 35-year-old put her rant to an end by saying her “true” fans would ride or die until she “died”. Although the celebrity deleted her video sometime later, fans took notice of it. Eventually, they united on Reddit to discuss the matter and give their 2 cents on it.

One of the accounts savagely shot back by saying they aren’t her fan. Moreso, TV Season & Spoilers reports that another comment took note of the fact that she was 600 lb during her TV debut in 100 Lb Sisters Season 1. However, now she is 640 Lbs. So then, they sarcastically said that fans are only responsible for the extra “20 pounds”. That’s because her breakup with BBW King also is to blame for her downfall. Then another Redditor also expressed that people like Slaton think “concerns” and “encouragements” are equivalent to negativity. Later on, another handle claimed that fans don’t “exist” for the star while she struggles to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton In Trouble Again For Consuming Sodies While Being Bedridden

The despised cast member landed in trouble again lately. As per her latest health update, Slaton is in a “hospital-like” setting. This happened after she went to the hospital for her ailing health over some carbon dioxide poisoning. Hence, once she was out of danger and could leave the premises, the celebrity went into another nursing facility. Although Tammy said she is in a “hospital like” setting, fans assume she is in a specialized nursing facility. Moreover, viewers have also taken notice of a hospital bed in the background of her videos.

However, fans spotted a sodie (soda bottle) on her table in her new Tik Tok video. Thus, they slammed her for not learning her lesson and for neglecting her health again after so many hazards. However, another part of the fanbase pointed out that the caption of her video said that she is drinking six big cups of water every day. In fact, a cup was also present in the video next to her. Do you think Tammy Slaton will shed weight seriously and get better? Tell us in the comments below. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for more updates.

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