1000 Lb Sisters: Chris Combs Shows MAJOR Weight Loss Progress For The First Time Since Season 4! Fans Shocked

Chris Combs is the half-brother of Tammy and Amy Slaton. 1000 Lb Sisters has made him a consistent part of the show. In the first two seasons, he was a recurring star. After that, TLC roped him in as a main cast member. He, too, was struggling with his weight and had to undergo bariatric surgery. Well, it was a success, and viewers got to see the aftermath in Season 4. Months after the new season wrapped up Chris finally showcased his weight loss progress, and fans have been quite proud!

1000 Lb Sisters: Chris Combs Smiles Wide While Showcasing His Weight Loss Progress!

Chris Combs has always been a very supportive brother to his sisters, Tammy and Amy. He also got to showcase his own weight loss journey on 1000 Lb Sisters. Viewers have a soft corner for him and love him for his immense support and witty sense of humor. They have also been quite proud of Chris because he underwent bariatric surgery and remains consistent in losing more weight for a fitter life. Recently, in Timmy Slaton’s new Instagram photo, they posed with the famous comedian Chelsie Lynn. While everybody was glad to see the family members, they were shocked by another detail.

As Chris Combs smiled in the photo, his physique was very available for fans to see. They could tell that he was still working hard to shed more pounds. So, everyone took to the comment section to shower extra love on Chris. They lauded him for how far he has come and ensured that his weight loss journey will always go onward and upward. Chris had had several emotional moments on the show where he mentioned getting fit for the sake of his kids. The 1000 Lb Sisters star wanted to be fit so he could spend more time with them and cherish the special moments. This segment struck an emotional chord with the 1000 Lb Sisters fans.

1000 Lb Sisters: A Quick Timeline Of Chris Combs Important Health Milestones!

When 100 Lb sisters viewers met Chris for the first time, he was at his heaviest and weighed 450 Lbs. Like Amy and Tammy, he, too, had his mind set on losing weight for a better lifestyle. So since Season 3, he started to work on losing weight to get the bariatric surgery approval. As per the reports on the episode, Chris Combs ended up dropping 140 Lbs after the operation. It also had other health benefits, as his blood sugar levels were stable again. It was indeed a proud moment for the Slayton family as well as the fans.

1000 lb Sisters

Since the last season wrapped up, Chris Combs has not yet made an official announcement about his current weight. Many fans speculate that TLC refrains the castmates from giving viewers such updates because they’re under contract. Hence, they are looking forward to the new season. After seeing Chris and Tammy’s new photo, they are sure that Chris has been making incredible progress. They have been very supportive of him and hope for the best. Are you excited to see Chris in the upcoming 1000 Lb Sisters season? Tell us in the comments below until then, keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest reality TV updates.

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